Jesus is the Hope of Glory

Friday, November 12, 2010

Its Not the Devil... Its You

I'm going to just write from my heart... On wednesday, my Bishop talked about the favor of God - and how it works... and people say, "Favor ain't fair!" -- and you know, from the outside thats what it looks like... But on the other side, people don't see the price that was paid, or sometimes will have to be paid for that favor!  He talked about Joseph - and Joseph had RIDICULOUS favor on his life!  OMG!  But look what he had to endure because of it....

I said all of that to say, sometimes God has gifted you beyond people's understanding.  Sometimes it can be beyond your OWN understanding, because you are sitting there with all of this... this...  GIFT - and your like... "where do I start?"  Well it could just be me... I don't know... Its funny, people have no clue all that you can do, because its not time for them to know it yet - and the best thing you can do is NOT prove it to them - in time it all will be revealed..

Which leads to the point of todays blog.  Sometimes when you are the one that is the leader, or the shot caller at the time you can sometimes "hold back" - as to not intimidate or make anyone mad... and God is like,  **in scooby doo's voice**  "Urgh????" --- Why did I give it to you if you are ashamed to use it?

When God blesses you tremendously and graces you to walk in your calling, even if its just a small amount - its not up to you how people will receive you.  It isn't up to you how people will react to you.  It is not up to you to protect THEM from being jealous and envious of you.  **THAT IS A WORD RIGHT THERE!!!!**

[[[[[ PUSH PAUSE]]]]]]

You mean we can actually try to protect people from being jealous of us???  Yeah, we can, and God is like, nuh- uh---- I gave it to you to display my goodness on the earth for MY glory, NOT yours...  Then when stuff is pinned up in heaven, and prayers aren't answered, and we are constantly dealing with CRAP - we blame the devil.  It's not the devil... IT'S YOU!!!

You  ((wait a second - when I say you, I mean the listening audience- because CLEARLY I am talking to myself)) Cannot... I repeat - CANNOT blame God or anyone else when you are holding yourself back.  Do you know how particular God was when He made you?  Do you know the specific designs He used when you were created?  Do you know how much GLORY He receives when you break loose and walk in the fullness of what you are supposed to do?
                (When you hold yourself back, you imprison yourself)
So why hold back because of ... people?  Those same people that need your ministry even though they may or may not ever let you know it.  If they do or if they don't, it doesn't matter because your ministry is towards HEAVEN! What are you supposed to be doing?  What are you supposed to be working on for the kingdom?  Are you called to live a boring life every day? Not utilizing what God put in you - on a daily basis???

Lets stop damming ourselves up, wondering why we can't receive breakthrough, when we are the one's building the wall - holding back the waters.  BE FREE TO BE YOU - and if folk get mad, then they just get mad.  If they really love God - then HE will correct them and help them to be who they are called to be!!!  THATS NOT YOUR JOB!!!

Be free to follow your blue print today...

Be Blessed... And keep the KING first...