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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Time To Fight

Taking a break for a moment on the topic of forgiveness... One of my sisters in the Lord wrote a dynamic note on Facebook, and I felt it was worthy to be shared.

Many times life circumstances force into a position where we have a few options. We can quit, we can run, or we can fight.

God gives us an opportunity, opens the door, connects us with others and when it gets slightly difficult we want to quit. Either say we have heard something different from God, we are all of a sudden in transition, or it triggers something from our past that we say we have dealt with but we have not. We just quit. We give up on relationships, friendships, jobs, careers, ministry, and ideas. We come up with excuses and even begin to self sabotage the situations. We through up our hands and tell everything just forget it. We walk away from relationships that bless us into relationships that curse us, we walk away from friendships that are supportive into friendships that drain us, we walk away from jobs that provide and fulfill and walk into jobs that just provide. We quit.

Some of us may have never ran on a treadmill but we are master runners in the spirit. Running from our prophetic callings, our mantles to be shepherds, our gifts to preach the gospel and to teach others. We sike ourselves out of doing what we have not only been called to do but what we have been equipped to do. We say we do not have enough self esteem, we have had a rough childhood, our Dad wasnt present so we ask how can i be a real father or how do I know what to look for in a husband. We tell ourselves we are unworthy to proclaim the gospel, we are unworthy to have friends that care about us, to be in relationships when we are treated as the royality that God has and to be used by God. We see God in one direction calling us to pray to love and to forgive and we run in the opposite direction because its familiar.

Its not time to quit, its not time to run, its not time to just accept what may come our way, it is time to fight. I recently had a dream about hurt and pain coming in my family I immediately began to pray and intercede and told the devil NO I REFUSE to accept this. We can no longer allow our bodies to tell us we are going to be sick and cant get well, we can no longer accept unemployment as our source of income, we can no longer sike ourselves out of our blessings, we can no longer accept our friends leaving us because they were offended and us letting them go, we can not let the devil win.

When are we going to step up and fight? When are we going to tell our people in our lives I dont care I love you and refuse to go anywhere I am willing to fight for you. Its time to step up and be big women and big men and fight for what we believe in, fight for who and what we love and not just lets stuff go and be what it may. WE HAVE TO FIGHT!!!

One of my friends said...I just want to be in the will...My response was being in the "will" is not an easy life where everything flows freely. Being in the will is like floating along with the stream. Though we are going with the current, we still have to fight to keep our head above water, sometimes tread water or swim, we even have to dodge some rocks, avoid the fish, and still enjoy the sound of the water, the views, and the ability to be inline with creation. We still have to fight to stay in the will, to stay save, to keep our minds, to stay in right relationship with God and with others.

I just want to encourage everyone to fight, to not give up, not give in, nor to run, but to stand still with your WHOLE ARMOUR on and fight!!!

Jhaniqua Farrar

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