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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sweet Serendipity

WOW! I don't know about anyone else, but 2010 was an AWESOME year... I mean - it just was.  I experienced some of the hardest challenges in my life, but I overcame each of them - and will continue to do so.  I just want to share my heart a little about what I am going to focus on for this year.

There are so many of you that will read this that are multi-talented, multi-faceted, the jack-of-all-trades - and master of many... Some of you wear many mantles, and have authority in different areas and can do MANY THINGS!  YET... 2010 - you produced much of...  NOTHING...

Yep- I said it.  Much of nothing.  You had a thousand reasons why you could not produce, and a million reasons why those excuses were true - and a trillion more of why your ideas and thoughts were stupid.  You know, enough- is enough.  I know this applies to me - I was productive in 2010 - probably more productive in 2010 than I have ever been spiritually.  Now its time for another level.  Your talent, your anointing, your gift - your calling means absolutely nothing if you never utilize it.  This is the year to move forward.  It honestly is.  For me, I feel that if I don't complete the goals that I have set this year - that it will be along time before the grace will come around to get it done.  I believe for me this is the year that can determine my next 5 years if I do what I am supposed to do.  This is the year that will change my income, my life, my focus, and many other things ---- if I COMPLETE MY GOALS.

I just cussed... Excuse me... LOL

Yes - I said GOALS...

It is time to name your distractions, analyze your fears - and "kick dem ninja's to the curb" - yes - I had to get a little ghetto to get my point across.. Its time.  Who cares how many people by your book if God told you to write it?

Who cares how many people will hear your songs if God told you to sing them?

Who cares how many will support your kingdom business if God told you to start it?

WHO CARES how many people read your blog (talking to me) and listen to your podcast if God told you to do it???

Because success is never in numbers... ASK GIDEON.  #imjustsayin

We play the numbers game so much, we reflect on who likes us, who doesn't like us, who we need to know, who we need to let go- and the truth of the matter is - Life is filled with many serendipitous moments as you walk in the path that God has led you on.

Click the link to find out what serendipity means... but its just the surprises in life.  Those GOOD surprises - you know, those kind that make you smile... So many times people are walking around looking for the surprises instead of walking the path, and just walking up on it.

For example... We all like finding money on the ground right?  How dumb would it look if we walked around all day long, with our face to the ground - looking for money?  How much would we miss?  What would we run into because we weren't watching where we were going?  I mean - really - but thats what we do sometimes.  Keep waiting on the surprises and the unexpected check, or for someone to walk up to you to give you a million dollars or a record deal - instead of living your life, walking the path God has ordained - and allowing the moment to come up on you....

The bible calls it "Seek ye first"

So I said all of that to say....


Should we continue in sin that grace may abound?  God forbid - thats what the bible says anyway... Do you know how many people would love to be able to do what you do?  Sing how you sing?  Preach how you preach?  Teach how you teach?  Organize, prophesy, administrate, walk in healing, pray, and show the love of God like you do?

Why are you waisting it?  

Don't spend the next few years of your life being unproductive because you didn't use your time wisely. Use this year to set you up for the next few years of your life.  You have a brand new opportunity.  No, you won't want to all the time.  No, you won't feel like it all the time.  But life is not American Idol - you don't get a shot just cause you show up.  You have to work at this honey...

I pray many serendipitous moments for you as you walk your walk with God - and that you allow God to completely guide you in all that you do.  All things ARE POSSIBLE to them that believe.  Believers are doers, not just hearers....

God bless, and Keep the king first!!!



  1. I love it!! This year is definitely the year to get our goals accomplished! I was really touched by your "who cares if such and such, if God told you to do it." Girl, I have FOUR followers on my blog, but I'm going to keep on doing it because it brings me joy!!

    God definitely is going to do some great things this year...and just know that although everyone doesn't speak up, there are those who are silently watching and reading.

    I believe in you :-) God bless you my sister!!

  2. Well... thank you Lord for using my sister in Christ to write these words ...."Who cares how many people buy your book if God told you to write it?"
    That hit me like a TON OF BRICKS with cement glued to them. Thank you.

  3. Wow, this blog really encouraged me and it was confirmation as well to a lot of things. God, I thank you for this reminder of all you want and plan to do through me this year. I am indeed taking the limits off, forgetting what's behind me and pressing forth. I pray that you would bless the writer's sock's off as she continue to minister through these blogs with the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that you have imparted into her for such a time as this. I thank you that all her needs are meet and that this 2011 year will really be a great one for her as she finds herself obtaining all that she desires and more. In Jesus Name, amen.