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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Give me a clean heart

Gonna just write from my heart, from my season... Hope it helps, or blesses.... :)

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have been writing about the heart alot lately.  I didn't notice it myself until I took the time to reflect.  I'm really in a season where God is working on my heart.  We know, out of the heart the abundance of the mouth speaks... and from it flows the issues of life... and all that good stuff... And its true.  Its all very true.

I want my heart to be pure...

This heart has been through! LOL - its broken, got some patches on it - some cracks, dents and all kinds of just DRAMA.  I just want to share that no matter the state of your heart, Jesus can heal it.  This USED to be my heart.  Broken, cracked, patched and just DARK... and I was a Christian.

 I was just "damaged goods".  This is the case with alot of Christians,  stuff happens you know,  life happens.  Sometimes you find yourself being the one trusted with the hard stuff, and it can result in a broken or wounded heart.  Or you make a choice to trust others, and give them a piece of your heart - and they smile, take out their knife - and stab you in it.  Sometimes you are just dealt a tough hand, and God has a plan for it all to work together for the good, but you gotta get there first - LOL - (((or - make up in your mind to enjoy the journey)))

Its true.  Disappointment can be another crack.  Just STUFF.  And God see's it all.  He does, and He's just like... Its okay, just give it to me.  You will learn how to trust again, you will learn how to love again.  Just give me your heart.

Sometimes our hearts are so guarded.  We have been through enough drama with people, that we just DON'T TRUST.  Because when you try... well you know... Do you know that you can come to a place where you can trust again?  and you know what, you may trust again, and something else may happen, but you can trust God to show you how to quickly recover and move forward...  So Jesus says, just give me your heart... I'll fix it...

He takes it, and starts to break down the walls..  this can hurt... Because vulnerability, even with the Lord when you have been hurt is not easy.  But don't worry, you are in good hands...  When those walls are broken down he gets some soap, lathers His hands up really good, and gets to work.

He scrubs, He rinses, scrubs, rinses - and you know, a scrubbing can hurt sometimes.  Your like - DAG! This hurts worse than what was there before! LOL - But its all for your good.  The bible talks about the washing of water with the word....  Who knows how long it takes - but enjoy the journey.  Because if you are in the hands of the master - its the safest place in the world.

Jesus rinses your heart off...  Gets all the soap and the left over impurities out.  So that he can FLOW through it - look at the water coming out of the bottom of the heart.  Its clean.  Clean water - so others can drink it right??? ((read about this in yesterdays blog here))...  The Holy Spirit is so awesome.  Moments like these are so refreshing. Pure water washing it all away.  The scrubbing may be uncomfortable, but the rinsing brings new life!

So I admonish you today.  When the Lord shows you your heart, give it to Him.  Let him scrub it, let Him break down the walls, let him rinse you off so that you can just be free to be who He designed you to be.  Ask God... What is my real personality like?  Things happen that change our personality.  We were mistreated as children, so we aren't as outgoing as we would have been if that never happened.  Some may have been abused as children, so they are more quiet and reserved and passive than they would have been, had they not been touched.  Some come from homes where there is nothing but arguing, fussing, and fighting, those are the ones its hard to be honest with, because their first reaction is to explode.

All of that is a facade.  Its not real.... The real you is down there somewhere.  Ask God to clean your heart, and get all that stuff out so that you can be who you were designed to be... Would you recognize yourself?  What do you really look like?  Ask God what are the situations that have formed your personality and how to completely recover from those.  The goal is to be a vessel fit for the masters use.  Thats my goal anyway.

Be Blessed, and Keep the King First...

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