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Friday, November 19, 2010

Your Life In a Picture- what does it say?

Today's blog will be quite simple in words, but I pray profound in statement.  I have a picture on my fb profile of what I think I would look like if my life were a shoe... LOL  - *you have to know me to understand my thought process** --- and I began to feel something this morning.  If our life was a picture what would it say?  Because you have to realize that we are to be a reflection of God..

Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

When others see us, they should see Him. So you can really say, our life is a picture.  Because you know, especially when you are a Christian, ((or say you are))- people watch you, your body language, what you don't say, your facial expression... What does all of that say to them???  So as you look at these pictures, and listen to the playlist... ((it rocks)) - i pray you ask yourself - what does my life say to others who are watching?  If its not listed, please leave it as a comment, you can leave it anonymous - I would like to continue to update this blog...
Do your actions say joy?

Do your actions say depressed?

See, lets remain focused... Jesus went to Calvary because God said He LOVED us...  Your actions DO SPEAK louder than your words!!!
this is what people see when you say one thing and live another.

Beaten up, bound, sad, eyes have no joy... But the mouth speaks something different.  That also count as being double minded.  James said don't think you will receive anything of the Lord if you are double minded.

Do your actions say you are free to be you?

Or do they say, "I'm trapped inside myself"

Do your actions say, "I'm afraid"?

Do your actions speak, "I dare you to try and mess with me"

You know what I like about this cat?  It had somewhere it was supposed to BE.  Fear of possible attacks didn't stop it.  FORWARD I go.

Do your actions say you spread gossip?  Or speak death?
Does your life say you won't stand up for yourself?  Won't speak life?

Do your actions say selfish??

Or do your actions say giving?

Do your actions say you take abuse?

Or do your actions say you are a victor and refuse to accept it?

Do your actions say you are happy with your people?

Or do your actions say you choose to stay separated and stay stuck when everyone else is standing?
Do your actions say you invite others to your pity party?
Does your life say there is only one way and you won't compromise?

Or... are you pretending???

Does your life say you burn your money?
Do your actions tell everyone who you don't like?
Or is the Love of God, and how you love God written all over you?
I would really like to know your thoughts... so please comment here or on the fb page if your on there...

God Bless... And Keep the King First...

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