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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flesh and Lies VS Spirit and Truth

Hi Readers! for part 1 and 2 of Flesh and Lies, we will have a guest blogger... His name is Robert Lomax, and he is a dynamic worship leader and song writer.  He truly is a man after God's own heart...  ENJOY!!

"A time will come, however, indeed it is aleady here, when the true (genuine) worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth (reality); for the Father is seeking just such people as these as His worshippers.  God is a Spirit (a spiritual Being) and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality)."

John 4:23-24, Amplified

At one of the lowest moments of my life, a woman I had wooed, dated and then been unfaithful to multiple times said to me, "You are Satan." Ouch.  As if I didn't know, she proceeded to explain why she said that.  She'd seen me "leading worship" time and time again, fully aware of the double life I was leading - with her.

My unfaithfulness to God was one thing.  However, being unfaithful to her was taking it a bit too far.  Few words have ever pierced me more deeply.  She had been good to me, and hadn't done anything to deserve the treatment I gave her.  In fact, many years passed before I could forgive myself for the pain I'd caused her.  Looking back, what hurt me even more was the thought of how I had disrespected and misrepresented God - time after time.  Through my example, how many men had I taught - directly or indirectly - to be double-minded? 

James 1:8- a double minded man is unstable in all his ways

How many women had I taught - directly or indirectly - to not trust the anointing they see in the pulpit?
Fast forward years later...I'm married, and my wife was expecting our second son.  I named my first son after me because... well...that's just what fathers do.  LOL.  But this time, I asked God what I should name our second son and He said, "David Joseph."  Why?  Because He knew that I wanted him, and in fact, both of my sons to have the passion of David, balanced with the integrity of Joseph (Jacob's son).  My mom, who has gone home to be with the Lord, was a preacher.  One of her sermons I enjoyed most was "What's in a Name?" I can only imagine how she would feel seeing David, who is only 6 years old, singing, dancing and writing songs - with all his might.  I'm already seeing the manifestation of his first name, and am already praying for the lifelong manifestation of his middle name, "Joseph."

----THATS ALL FOR TODAY!!!!  The rest of this post will be available tomorrow!---- **don't you like how we left you hangin' RIGHT when it was gettin' good?? LOL

Be Blessed... And Keep the King First...

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