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Monday, November 29, 2010

Your Killing Yourself


This is something that we yell out at church all the time before the preacher can even finish.  But is it something that we really live by?  What I like about this picture is that it is not balanced.  Thats what I like about it - but thats also the downfall.  If this picture were your heart would there be more black or white??  Think for a moment.  Which one would it be?  Now, I'm not talking about what you say when others are listening... What do you think most?  Is everything always wrong?  No matter how blessed you really are, you could always have more? Or, this could have happened another way and it would have been better?  Or are you mad at whats NOT happening? What is mostly in your heart?

What we must always remember is that we think more than we speak.  And YES, the power of life and death is in the tongue ~Proverbs 18:21~ --- but where do your words come from?

Matt 12:34b - Out of the abundance of the heart - the mouth speaks...

So if your heart was a fountain, and your words were water, would your water be brown?

now that picture is disgusting, i know what you are saying... but think about it?  Is that what your word - water looks like?

Then we fill up a cup of this dirty water, and hand it to people to drink....

...0.o... ((blank stare))

Thats what we do everytime we open our mouth to others whether its ministry or conversation and our words are just... dirty

... not dirty as in 4 letter words - but words are spiritual forces - that have the ability to CREATE (whether we like it or not, or believe it or not, or walk in it or not) and we live in the world we create.

Its hard to be around people that nothing is ever right.  But it must be even harder to be that person.  ARE YOU THAT GUY??? lol - I'm being funny, but its something that we ALL must ask ourselves.

I bet if we started handing these out, people would change what they say!

Listen, I'm only saying this because, well, because no one else may tell you.  No one wants to sit there and listen to you complain.  No one wants to sit there and listen to you be sad all the time.  No one wants to constantly be bombarded with whats WRONG in your life!  COME ON!  Really??? STOP ASKING ME TO DRINK DIRTY WATER!!

When you are a child of the King!  The RICHEST king on earth!  HE OWNS IT ALL!  HALLELUJAH!  He's the problem solver, He's the way maker, He's the healer - He's the advocate, the banner, our righteousness, our PEACE...  Our joy... Our love... OUR SANITY...

He Is...  I AM.


No one wants to hear all of that.  Really.  Time to grow up- and GROW OUT of some of the stuff.  I have a good friend - we talk every day.  We can talk to each other about whats going on in our lives, because its never a grump fest.  Its always - okay, how can I deal with this, how can I move past this, I need wisdom so that at the end of the day, God is still pleased with what I do.  Keep me in line... Keep me in the will of God...  Kick me when you see i'm headed in the wrong direction.  KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE!  DON'T LET ME KILL MYSELF WITH MY WORDS!!!


I remember one day I was driving, and was having a HARD DAY... lol - just thinking of it makes me laugh... and I went IN... I mean, this is wrong, and this is wrong, and THIS is wrong... and blah blah blah!  Do you know she rose up and REBUKED ME???  LOL - and you know what I did???

I shut up.

Because she was right...  I have waaay to much power, knowledge, favor and grace on my life to sit there and complain!

LOVE MY FRIEND!  Because thats ironing sharpening iron.

Be careful of the people that let you just dump and won't help you progress or say, okay, thats enough - now how can you turn this around?

But also be mindful - everyone won't receive it - because some would rather stay where they are...

If you are that person that always complains, or your heart picture is more black than white - there is a solution for you...

I don't mean, thanks God for today... and then the rest of your day is filled with negativity.  No BE GRATEFUL.  If you have to go as far as make a LIST.  Make a list of all the things you are grateful for.  You will find that as you begin to THINK on those things, you will begin to feel lighter.  TRUST ME.  You have waaaaaaay more to be grateful for thank you think.

WHY?  Because the devil comes to steal kill and destroy,  he doesn't want you to think on the goodness of the Lord.  And you are letting him succeed....

Make a grateful list.  Carry it around with you.  When you feel yourself slipping, start thanking God for everything on that list.  I mean, really, we have SO much to be grateful for.

God is bigger and better every day than we give him credit.  Find out how to honor God today with your thoughts and with your thanksgiving.  TRUST ME, IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  You may have to fight your FLESH - (that would rather complain) but trust me its worth doing.

See... James 1:8 says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, he shouldn't think he will receive anything of the Lord...  so coming out with scripture every now and then, but the rest of your day, your thoughts and your words are filled with words of death,  you are confusing the flow, God is like - nope - you get nothing...

Cause honestly if you get it - it won't last long because you aren't grateful.  We all have that "one thing" that we think if we had it, or if this was over, then you would be happy, and its not truth... Because no matter what state - abase or abound, we have to be content.  Thats what Paul said.

Pray ur self happy!  (yeah i fudge it! so what??) LOL

Take your list and pray it.  Make it a great day.  Make it a great week.  Make it a great LIFE!  WHY NOT???????

Don't want to stay in the state that your in... God loves you enough, let him shower his love on you.  You want to see His love? Reflect on His goodness to you SO FAR, and stop thinking about whats NOT... You won't see the WHATS NOT, until you learn to be grateful, thankful, and content with WHAT IS.

I'm just sayin...

Be Blessed... and Keep the King First...

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