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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Heart That Forgives

MIA- missing in action is one word that can describe me. LOL - I do apologize for those that looked forward to this blog.  It has been a doozy of a month I tell ya.  But i must remained focused and remember the reason I started this blog.

TODAY saints, ain'ts and friends... ((LOL)) - we are going to talk about forgiveness.  No I did not just cuss.  This is something that is thrown around quite haphazardly, but many don't have the direction or the know how to do it FOR REAL.  I am going to admit some things in this blog that others may not be willing to admit- because of who they think they are in Christ.  BUT  being that I know who I am, I'm confident in who I am, I can freely share, and its all well and good- you can like it or lump it.

FREEDOM only comes with total honesty.

The truth is, when you have been offended or hurt - no one can tell you how deep your hurts are but God.  Some may wonder, "why can't you just let it go?"- and you find yourself asking God he same thing.  Over and over, you pray, you release them, you move forward, only to see them, and that "thing" inside you jump.  Yall know what I'm talking about.  Then the avoidance game begins.  You try your hardest to make sure you are not in the same place at the same time with this person, because one- you don't want to pounce on their head and beat them like you feel they deserve it, but also because you don't want to have to feel the hurt, the moment, the incident all over again.  Unforgiveness makes you relive the hurt all over again.  If you see them, if you think about them, or if you talk to someone about them, you experience the hurt all over again.  And the longer you experience it, the deeper it gets.

Oh how we long for these words.  Whether the person is alive or not, many of us long to hear these words.  Because honestly, it hurts worse when the person refuses to accept responsibility for their offense, refuses to believe that they even offended you, or blames YOU for what happened.  All you know is what you feel in your heart.  We all know that with resolution comes change... But--- what do you do when you can't find resolution through the person?  When they have entirely too much pride to admit that they were wrong.  Because alot of times, thats what it is... PRIDE.  "I'm gonna wait until they call me", or "If they loved God, they would just get over it",  or this is a good one... "I didn't mean too, so I don't see the big deal anyway, they should just forgive me".    The truth is - you may never have that moment where your offender actually admits that they were wrong.  You may NEVER see that day.  And as a CHRISTian, it is your job to recover and heal REGARDLESS.  You must.

Yeah, it would be nice for people to admit it.  Gosh, it would just relieve some of the pressure RIGHT?!?!?  It could help you move forward JUST KNOWING that they knew they were wrong.  That they offended you.  Sometimes, you desire that from the offender because a wound has been created.  Getting stabbed in the back is gonna leave a mark, to say the least... LOL - and yes, you can forgive people - but it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt.  It can get a little tricky, but thats when you have to draw closer to God, to say, okay, yes- I forgive them, I release them- but this still hurts... God remind me when I start to think negatively of this person so that I don't accept it.  Keep my heart pure so that I can love them even though I'm still hurting.  I know that while I try my best to love them as you do, that you can heal this wound.

Yeah... its real people.  God bless all those people that can be offended and shake it off and act like it never happened, and nothing is held up in their heart.  Actually, we can all do this with certain areas - but when we can't, its probably because of one of two things... A wound- that needs to be healed--- and the other is...


or tonight...

but definitely by tomorrow...