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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Beginnings


Its never to late to start again.  You are never to far off, you are never to far away from the love of God.  Sometimes worshippers have the hardest time with certain types of issues.  Depression is one that I see among some worshippers.  Lust and pride are others.  Well, you may have fallen, you may be weak or down trodden... But the bible tells us in Isaiah 61:3 that we will have beauty for our ashes.

Yes - you can begin again.  Start over, leave the past behind you.  If you haven't been spending your time with God the way that you should.  Start again.    1 John 1:9 - if you confess your sin, He is faithful and just to forgive you of your sin and cleanse you from all unrighteousness...

Start having your quiet time again.  Change your focus from whats wrong, to whats right...  Tell depression and lust and pride that it won't have you, control you - manipulate you, take authority over it.  Come out of agreement with it.  And pray for grace.  Grace Grace Grace.  Cleansing grace.

Your love walk has been challenged?  Begin today... Start today- You may have to apologize to someone, you may not.  Just begin again.  God will heal your hurts and your wounds, just begin again today to walk in love.

You need to be consistent with the things in the natural as well?  You need to be exercising more?  Begin today.  If you mess up, start over.  Don't allow condemnation to talk you out of starting over if you mess up.

Don't believe the lies of the devil of how awful a person you are.  Thats not how GOD talks to you.  John 10:27 - my sheep know my voice and a stranger they will not follow... Don't believe the devils lies- if they are condemning, its the devil... If its correction for you to get better and draw you closer- then you know its the Lord.  Keep it simple.

You been mad at God?  Tell him... Then repent... Sometimes pride causes us to get mad at God.  If we deal heavily with disappointment, we may deal heavily with pride.  Because pride tells us that the way we expect it to go, is the way that it is... any other way is OUT of line.  So when God takes another route - we are destroyed and linger in disappointment.... When God is really just trying to free you from pride.  Our thoughts are not his thoughts... remember?

Short blog today...  Make sure you listen to the song up top.  Its one of my sisters song, its a beautiful song- expresses the heart of what I'm trying to say perfectly...


GOD,  thank you for being the Great I Am.  Thank you for knowing all, being all, supplying all and enduring all for me.  Give me a clean start.  A fresh start.  Thank you that today I woke up with brand new mercies.  Open the eyes of my heart so that I can see and receive my brand new mercies.  Help me to clean up the messes that I have made- and not be to prideful to do it.  Help me to come out of agreement with the old things that are familiar.  Though it brings pleasure to my flesh and my ego, it doesn't glorify you.  As a worshipper, my sole purpose is to glorify you.  Continue to wash me, purge me and create in me a clean heart so that I may worship you in spirit and in truth.  Put me back on the potters wheel so that I may be a vessel fit for the masters use.  Make me again.  I desire to be pure, clean and whole in you.  I love you Lord for your grace, your mercy, and for loving me. Thank you for my New Beginning...

In Jesus Name...


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