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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Grateful Heart

Being grateful has many looks....

enjoy the TLOW devotional....

Desperate for More of God

You ever lost your keys?  Well - if you are going anywhere, you can't leave without your keys.  When you loose them, you search for them until you find them- you don't give up.  You look under couches, in the refrigerator, under beds- ANYWHERE where a set of keys can sit! Because you understand the importance for those keys.   Well- our love for God should be the same way.  So many times we get up and go without spending the time or acknowledging Him, and honestly- we can't go anywhere without Him.  Its funny how we can sacrifice the extra time when our keys are lost - but when it comes to the Creator, we are now in a rush...

Don't loose those days when you were so desperate for God, that no matter what, you had to be in His presence.  When you would miss outings with your friends, or skip your lunch time or just find a way to "steal away", because His presence meant so much to you.  Don't get so grown you can't crawl into your Daddy's lap :)

Here is the devotional video.  The video is about 10 minutes long, but the devotional part is only about a minute.  After you read it - take the time to sit and meditate as the song plays.  Ask the Lord to increase your passion for Him.

Be Blessed... And Keep the King First...

something new i'm trying - check out the devotional video!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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God Bless!  This is only the beginning!!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Your Time To Shine

You know,  I'm going to see how far I can get in this.  I am SO FULL right now.  I just had one of the most phenomenal God Encounter weekends, and words cannot express where I am right now.  I just start laughing thinking about it!!!  I met some of the most anointed people that you may never meet.  You may never know their name... But I CAN GUARANTEE you that Heaven knows their name.

They are people that are world changers.  Now, let me put it all out there.  We are ALL world changers.  You may change the world in having one simple conversation with one person who feels that are a insignificant.  But when God shows them their significance, they impact millions.  BOOM.  Your seed just changed the world.  Don't pat yourself on the back yet, it was God that gave the increase.

As I stated before, I met world changers.  People that travel the world, singing, preaching, prophesying, starting business, Fathering, pulling down strong holds... you name it - they do it.  And I had the PRIVILEGE to be in the number.... WOW...

I need to let you all know something.  Being a world changer should not be a catch phrase for you.  If you are called to change the world.... THEN CHANGE IT.  Start with YOUR world.  Then move on to someone's world who is defeated, broken, down trodden, or just in the need of the love of God.  Then move on to more than one- and it will spread, spread SPREAD SPREAD!! AND POW!

Before you know it, you have impacted many.  See- you can never feel your contribution is to small to the kingdom.  Everyone in the kingdom can't be a lung.  But how many parts make up the lungs?  But if one of those parts decide that they are so small and insignificant, then what happens to the body?


Why do you need a cast when you break a bone?  You have so many other bones- one measly bone shouldn't matter.  **Tell THEM that**... Your bones are so important that all those other bones have to be put into a cast until that one bone heals.

Where is your team?  Are they in a cast because you are still broken???  Is it possible that some folk can't be used in some ways without you???  **just a thought**

I have a new theme song.  Listen to the words.   The video will be at the end.. I need you to listen, and stop being hindered.  What God has given you is PRICELESS.  We use the scripture of the buried talents so often for money... But what if it were actually "talents"... GASP! LOL

You know people that have just been LOADED, multifaceted... Don't know what to do with themselves because they have so much in them.  Then you have some that don't have as much, but they are working what they have.  Then you have some- that you don't know WHAT they have, because they buried it.

Let me just say this.  DON'T LOOK AT OTHERS AND COMPARE YOURSELF.  You don't know HOW MANY talents God has given you; and honestly, we don't know how the story ended.  What if the one with the least would have multiplied the most?  Its possible- just because you start out with the least doesn't mean thats how you end up.  Let the revelation of the word speak to you.  Do you think God is gonna say, "Oh no, I only gave you three talents, you can't multiply to more than the one I gave 5"...

I'm a witness, sometimes your talents are revealed until you've reached a certain level of pressure.  Or until something is so desperately needed, and no one else around can do it - and BOOM- there you go.

Its your time to change history.  The Lord is coming looking for a return on what he deposited in you - will he find the bank to be negative?  Or will he find duplication and multiplication?  COME ON NOW!!!!

*Where the church at?*- that deserved an amen! LOL

I vow to be one that when the Lord is coming to look for a return he will smile, because the talents have been multiplied so much.

FOR EXAMPLE.  I am very dramatic.  This I know, but acting was never a strength of mine.  I've tried it several times, and it was always a "NO GO"... LOL...  Well, last year, we had a play at my church, and I was TOLD I was playing a certain part.  I tried with all of my might to get out of that play.  Again, I was told NO.  I continued to show up at rehearsals, I continued to learn my lines, and I continued to ask if someone else could do it... ((true story)) - it was still a NO.  It got better as time went on, and better, and they coached me, the affirmed me, the nurtured and guided me...

GAME DAY- we all came out BLAZING!  I was amazed at it myself - NEVER thought I'd be able to act.  So many said, that we all looked like professionals- LOL- It was God!  BUT THAT TALENTED WAS MULTIPLIED!  God can get a return on that now, won't be the last time I act... SO GRATEFUL that someone pushed me to stay.

If you bury your talent under pride, wounds, pain, unforgiveness, hatred, malice, sin, carnality - IT WON'T MULTIPLY!!

Come on and get free so you can SHINE!

Pray With me.

Lord, thank you for your loving kindness and your gentle mercy.  I thank you for grace.  God- show me the places where I am burying my talents.  Show me how I have held myself back, and show me why.  I'm ready to shine for you.  I'm ready to walk in freedom for your glory!  I'm ready to make history so that YOUR name would be famous all across this land.  Thank you for equipping me with gifts that will marvel kings.  Thank you for downloading in me things that will cause Pharoah to say, "LET MY PEOPLE GO".  I trust you - and I will multiply what you have deposited.  All for you glory.  

In Jesus Name.



Be Blessed, and Keep the King FIRST!

So - I'm gonna warn you, the song sounds a little heavy metalish... LOL - So if its not your style still listen to the words.  We sang it this weekend, and its got the power of God all over it -

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Life of a Worshipper from some worshippers


I wanted you all to see where I am right now....  ((has nothing to do with the blog))

isn't this beautiful???

Who else can do this???

So much glory in this place.  This blog is mostly over, I wanted to meet the worship team from Bethel Church in Redding, California...

Here is a sample of the session they did.  Take note of what you notice about this group of people... feel free to comment and lets discuss what you notice

Bethel Music from iBethel.TV on Vimeo.

God Bless! Keep the King First... I will add a blog of my thoughts and the things that I notice... Want to hear from you

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Heart That Forgives Part 3

This is a video that I watched today about walking in healing... ((so I thought)) - a quote from this video...

Faith moves God, Forgiveness releases his power...

The video includes a testimony of a woman who forgives and is healed...  Its about 20 minutes... But worth every second...

God Bless!  And Keep the King first...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your Memories Are Killing Your Dream

 I woke up this morning at read this quote by Kris Volloton "When your memories are greater than your dreams you are already dying!"... and I thought...

(in my scooby doo voice)


And it all made sense.  I know so many people, (we all do) that their mind is consumed with what has happened.  

*DISCLAIMER*- I am in school to be a christian counselor- so I get it .  Some stuff has to be talked about, counseled about, prayed about, delivered out - so on and so forth... this is not that kind of party to say ignore the big LOG in your own eye!*

But at the same time, how much time do we spend dreaming?  I personally spend alot of time thinking about my music, always writing a song - organizing it.  It's so much.  So much... Many times I don't know how or where to begin, but I don't stop processing it, praying about it - THINKING on it.  Sometimes, people sit and think about their dreams as a good TV show that they watched...  Something thats past- and they can just reminisce.  But so much has taken away from what the dream is.  

Ephesians 3:20 (The Message) God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.

Dealing with the issues is important.  DON'T I KNOW IT.  Don't ignore your stuff- thinking that it will just go away.  Cancer must be eradicated for the person to be healthy.  When you allow your issues to fester- its like a cancer, because they then become bigger than the dreams that God has for you.  Dream your wildest dream!  and God CAN out do it!  But where is your mind?  Where are your thoughts?  Where do you meditate?  What broken record plays over, and over, and OVER in your mind on a daily basis?  What do you consider MOST of the day?  Whats wrong in life?  Whats right in life?  Or what life is destined to be?

Darn right its a good question?  Time to reflect people.  Time to assess.  Time to consider what we spend our thought time on.  Where did the iPad come from (believing God for an iPad in a strong way- lol)  It came from a thought...

Where did Circ Du Soliel come from?  (( One of my favorite shows of all time - I'm determined to see most of them before I die- the creativity is out of this world)) - It came from a thought...

Where did the cel phone come from?  The TV?  DVR? The Movie "The Wiz"??? (2nd favorite movie of all time- lol)

THEY ALL CAME FROM A THOUGHT!  The people who thought of these things are not special.  BUT - they are rich.  Who thought of the NBA?  Who decided that organized sports should be consistent?  Who created the air conditioner?  What was their process?  They saw a problem, a gap, and they SOLVED it.

My sister in the Lord Faith Chilongo ( posted this earlier on Facebook... Its a quote from Kim Clement...

"Fear of failure and fear of conflict of war.  Failure is critical to success.  Absence of war equals the absence of heros.  Failure is critical to success! Determine to do something courageous everyday.  Your sacrifice will catch the attention of Heaven and Earth.  Once you see the dynamic and not the demonic, you will find the journey far more enjoyable.  See the spoil and ignore the toil."

What are you called to solve?  Do you know?  What are you called to fix?  Do you have a clue?  How far are you on it?  Is it something that you think or work on daily?  Are you filled with pipe dreams?  Are you afraid of being a hero?  Can you stand enough failure so that when you hit success you know it will be sweet?  I know that
when they created the iPad- the first time it was a solid success... RIGHT? What about youtube... worked the FIRST time right??  When did we become so afraid of failure?


Making me think... God made you brilliant.  Don't ever forget that.  Don't allow the MEMORIES to override the dreams ANY LONGER.  The memories will kill you. That broken record will play, and play, and play - and you will be reinjured every single time you think about it.  Then you become numb.  When all the while- your idea is dying with you.  Your millions are being dispersed to others while you cry over that spilled milk that is now dried up- and smells like old train smoke and gym socks... LOL...  While you fight to compete with others over things that don't matter, you loose time.  While you make sure you stay on top of what is not important- you loose TIME.  The time is now to dream.  The time is now to not allow those that refuse to dream to hold you back.  I for one have offended many because I don't entertain old drama.  I have to much potential to do that.  So I'm moving forward.  I have to remind myself and declare it for me every now and again to do that.  Move forward.

P.S. Bad memories can be a dream killer or a testimony.  Your choice as to which power it has.

Pray with me.

God,  I admit that my memories have been overriding my dreams.  This is not how you intended for me to live.  You said that YOU have come that I may have life, and have it more abundantly.  I have allowed the enemy to steal, kill and destroy my dreams using my memories.  Thank you for providing a way of escape.  I will start today to dream.  I will start today to think on those things that you have already ordained for me to do.  I will start today recognizing my own potential.  I will be willing to fail until I reach that moment of success.  I will not be afraid of failure.  I will not be afraid to be a hero.  I will not be afraid to be a Moses.  I will not be afraid to be a Joshua.  All who saw some type of failure at one time, but they didn't stop.  I won't be afraid.  Thank you for your perfect love that casts out all fear.  I will walk in the potential and be EXACTLY who you called me to be.  Thank you that my wildest dreams are boring to you- because you can do exceeding abundantly above all I ask or think.  YOU ARE AMAZING GOD!  My faith in your dreams for me are charged, and I shake off everything else.  Remind me Lord daily.  Love and thank you for your redemptive power.

In Jesus Name, 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't Lose Hope

There will be times when you look around and wonder how things can go so haywire when you are working your hardest to do what God told you to do. All I can say, in the midst of things not presenting themselves the way you planned it out.

 Don't lose Hope.

 There will be times when overwhelmed is an understatement for how you feel - and you just need for the Lord to reach out and pull you out of this ocean you feel like your drowning in. Well, Isaiah 59:19b says When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. 

Don't lose Hope.

Faith DOES work. It just may not work in the timing you set apart. God has a specific plan for all things to work out. He is a masterful conductor, waiting for the perfect measure to bring in your song of freedom... Don't play to soon, because your part you play won't flow with the rest of the orchestra. Keep counting your rests.

 Don't lose Hope.

 The bible says the prayers of the righteous availeth much. Has much power. The HAVE to work- don't doubt God- He can't lie. Press in and find out what his timing is. Those family members can and will be saved. You can and will walk in the call that was assigned to before you were born. Yes, all things are possible for those who believe.

 Don't lose Hope.

 John 16:33 - In this world, you will have tribulation... But be of good cheer - for I have overcome the world. We can sit back, relax and chill - because HE has overcome the world ALREADY. All we have to do is walk in the path He marked- and its a done deal.

 Don't loose Hope.

 Do what God told you to do. And if you are doing it, keep doing it. Things aren't really falling apart- they are just pretending like they are. LOL- Because God - Can't- Fail. 

Don't loose Hope.

 He can heal, restore, fix, separate, create anything that He pleases... Don't just know Him as a healer and provider. Know Him as creator- because thats where the creative miracles flow. Don't loose Hope. I don't know where all of this came from. I don't know if this is for anyone that is reading, but this is how it came out - so I had to go with it. Pray it blesses you...

 Pray With Me. 

 Dear Lord, Thank you that you are my strength and my hope. There is nothing in you that I can't do that lines up with your will. There is no task to hard, no mountain to high- and no person that can't be reached. You can do anything. Show yourself strong on my behalf, and on behalf of those that I love. So many I know need breakthrough, I pray and receive breakthrough for myself and others. Be glorfied and exalted - and regardless of what my eyes see- I will look to the hills from where my help comes from, because ALL of my help comes from you.

 In Jesus Name.