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Saturday, December 25, 2010

What Christmas Really Means...

What Christmas Really Means…

Grace had been working a double shift for the past two months trying to prepare for Christmas.  Every time she felt she had the money to go get the kids some presents, something else “came up”.  You know, those things that always come up…. Groceries, light bill, RENT.  Grace never seem to be able to keep her head above water, let alone have money to buy gifts.

            Grace had awesome kids,  Elizabeth, Lizzy for short and Leah.  Lizzy and Leah were very responsible, very loving, and very accepting kids.  They knew the struggles their mother endured, but they accepted it.  They smiled, and would always comfort Grace when she came home from a double shift and say, “mom, it won’t be like this always, God will see us through”… It was funny, it was the same thing that Grace would tell them when their dad wouldn’t send money like he was supposed too. 

            Richard was a son of a preacher, and married.  But not married to their mother.  They were both born out of an affair, so Lizzy and Leah never knew what it felt like to have a real father… They only had a secret father.  Grace kept allowing Richard to come around because he promised her that he was going to leave his wife, year, after year, after year… But he never did.  Richards wife was pregnant the same time that Grace was pregnant with Leah.  Richard promised that as soon as the baby was old enough, and the wife went back to work, he was going to leave her.  But he never did.  But the married men never do.  Instead, Richard got a promotion, moved his family out of state, changed his number, closed his email account – and made sure that Grace would not find a way to contact him.  The kids haven’t seen him since he left. Four years ago...

            Grace worked so hard and felt like her body and her mind was shutting down.  The only thing she considered was Christmas.  What was she going to get the girls for Christmas?  They were 8 and 6, and managed the home so well.  Staying home alone after they get home from school, Lizzy microwaving dinner for the both of them until Grace came home at 10 oclock, Lizzy made sure all of the homework was completed, and that Leah got in the bed on time.  Thank God for Ms. Anne, their neighbor who would watch the girls come in from the bus, and would check on them through out the evening.  A lot of responsibility for a 10 year old.  Grace knew she had no choice but to make sure that the girls got what they wanted, they had been through enough.

            Its now the week before Christmas and Grace realizes that she just doesn’t have the money to get the girls anything.  She’s sitting in her room crying, contemplating the next step.  She knows that real money is just a phone call away, she can call her ex – Shon – a drug dealer- and tell him what she needs for the girls, and she will have it hands down – but she also knows that she will owe a debt to Shon that she is not willing to pay.  Grace sits on the side of her bed weeping – knowing that she has put her self in this predicament.  She has caused it.  Against better judgment and advice and warning from the Lord himself, she got involved with a man she knew would never love her, knew would never be the man that he was supposed to be but all she knew was that she wanted to be loved… Or have some semblance of it.

            Grace goes back and forth, not knowing what to do, call Shon and end up owing him something and getting back involved with a life she fought to leave – or not be able to pay her girls back for all that she put them through.  There has to be a way.   Grace spends her night, praying and crying, contemplating, reaching for the phone, dialing the number, hanging up.  Finally – she goes to sleep….

Only to be awakened by the touch of a gentle hand on her shoulder – she turns around to see a man standing over her.  She gasps, but for some reason--- is not afraid….

(part 2 tomorrow)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Israel Hougton Playlist

Israel Hougton is one of my favorite worshippers - he is an ANTHEM writer.  One God has truly lended his song too....  click the pic to enjoy the Israel Houghton Playlist

Be Blessed, and Keep the King First...

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Hatred of Love {{Part Deux}}

I like that word... Deux... it sounds so official... LOL

SORRY the blog is late guys - there have been some.... CHALLENGES... in the midst... LOL - Thats what I love about being me...

There is always an opportunity to overcome...  #goteamjesus

Then I was out of town this weekend for a worship concert and conference with Dr. Cindy Trimm and Micah Stampley.... Words cannot express THAT experience - I will blog about that another day


So... we were talking to Joseph right? *if u haven't read part one yet - click the picture below*

The Hatred of Love {{Part One}}
SOLD...  Into slavery.  Well - we all know somethings about slavery...   I wonder what his ride was like.  How much did he cry?  How overwhelming was his fear?  Now Joseph knew and loved God with all of his heart... CLEARLY... but think about the traumatic things you have experienced SINCE you've loved the Lord.  It still is hard.

*push pause*  there are many differences between a believer and an unbeliever.  One major difference is when a believer cries because of pain - they know the SON will shine when its all over - its called HOPE.  Isn't Jesus the hope of Glory??

All an unbeliever can do is HOPE they can survive through it... or... HOPE that life will one day miraculously change - even though they aren't doing anything to facilitate change... and HOPE that someone will come along and rescue them... #pipedreams... just come to Jesus - He'll work it out...

*push play*

The Ishmaelites finally arrive at the trading area.  One of Potipher's servants is coming to buy a slave- and he see's Joseph.  Only God can do something miraculous out of something that seems like it is going to just be a mess...Joseph is purchased, and brought back to Potipher's home.  He is then presented with two eternal and internal options.

Option 1:  Be bitter.  Live in the hatred that his brothers forced on him.  Be traumatized.  Be a victim.  Always reflect on what has been DONE to him and communicate and react out of that place.  Decide to give his personal power to his brothers.  Stay STUCK.  You all know it to be true.  If a car is in neutral, it doesn't mean the engine isn't running - it just means no matter how hard you hit the gas,  you will NEVER... MOVE... FORWARD...  You can sing the song all day... But until you shift your mind into gear - thats all you will do--- is sing...

Blank Stare

Option 2:  Make a decision to live with the hand he was dealt with.  Progress, prosper and succeed - NO MATTER WHAT.  Success is ALWAYS an option- no matter where you are.   Joseph made a decision to be who he was REGARDLESS of his situation.  There lies his promotion.  Not in trying to out do the other slaves - out shine the other slaves - or always be the THE ONE - all Joseph had to do was be HIMSELF.  And be the best JOSEPH that he could be.  I'm sure he was surrounded by others who didn't want to be a slave.  I mean, who does?  Who asks for those things to happen to them?  NO ONE DOES... But it doesn't mean you don't achieve where you are.

How stuck do we allow ourselves to be because of what HAPPENED to us???  And the thing is this - the people that hurt us, have moved on.  Do you think Josephs brothers chose not to live their lives?  They were malicious enough to do what they did, they were able to move on... TRUST...  Stop staying stuck and being mad at people who are progressing without you.

Forgiveness is for you - not them.

We all know what option Joseph chose.  He chose option 1.  Was it easy??? I'm sure it wasn't... But was it necessary for his sanity?  Absolutely.  If you look at the life of people who are stuck, and either we are those people - or we know those people, they have a touch of insanity - just a small touch - LOL - Because they are holding on to something that should have been dead along time ago.  Keeping something on life support that doesn't deserve to live.  They are purposely asking the circumstances to suck the life out of them.  They are giving their personal power away, they are letting their minds be dulled by what they went through - rather than sharpened by who they know.

Like I said... Just a touch.  Insane means - utterly senseless.  How senseless is it to sit around with a corpse in your house?  We have seen that on the news where people have died - and they keep them in their for days, because they just can't let go.  Sounds disgusting right?


How many corpses live in your house?

Some of you have a morgue living on the inside of you - but instead of the bodies lying in drawers - they are lying on beds - hooked up to machines - and you visit one bed after the other - hoping one day, someone will wake up.

Just let it die...

Jesus came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.  Living with something that should have died along time ago is not life more abundantly.   Ask God to help you to let it go.

WOW...  I think we should end on that note.  Alot to think about huh?

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Hatred of Love {{Part one}}

There was a time in my life when I felt like love had eluded me.  That it would always be surface, superficial, left to a hello, a good bye - a shallow conversation with someone that I go to church with - too many heart breaks... and then everything changed...

God has given me a tremendous responsibility this year.  One that I didn't think I would be able to handle.  One that I never thought I could see to the end...  He told me to "raise" someone and love them like He loves them.  This is something that the Lord has led me to do in the past, in different capacities.  I was one that always had a young lady to mentor.  The problem that normally separated or stopped the process was a man... Yeah - a man, the devil sent someone who would pull them off, and I would become their enemy. 

 It doesn't take all of that - I was jealous, I didn't get what their new relationship was like.  And honestly, none of them ever told me I was right - but after the dust settled, they gave up the goods, got their heart broken, mistreated and abused - and the man walked away, they knew the truth - and some are still struggling with their relationship with God...  But if only they would have stayed...  ((i wonder))...

Now, there are many definitions for the word RAISE.  Actually - definitions 1 - 18 all fit what my assignment was this year.   It caused me to not have as close of relationships with those that meant the most to me, because I was on assignment.  It meant some things had to be sacrificed that meant alot to me... because I was on assignment.  It meant being misunderstood... because I was on assignment... it meant being hated by some (yes it was that deep, and talked about- by people who weren't raising ANYBODY)... #imjustsayin

on the other hand...

It also meant experiencing prayer like never before, breakthrough like never before, and the presence of God - like - NEVER before.  Because my life became one long 8 month prayer meeting... LOL - I know that every day was spent in prayer until it was time for bed.  smh - I'm looking back and just laughing now, at how AWESOME God was... And how I needed Him to do the impossible- and He did it.  EVERY time... 

What an awesome opportunity - to love someone who felt unloved, unloveable, not able to trust, not even themselves, broken, battered, bruised, mishandled - rejected...  WHAT A PRIZE THE LORD HAD GIVEN ME!  I had to think, who am I that God would give me such a tremendous assignment.  So many nights of praying... So many nights of tears... So many nights of bible study, and learning the word --- aaaaall in the middle of my floor... LOL - God is awesome...

**i'm going somewhere, just hold on to your bootstraps**

Its a shame though - I was able to see something and love it, when others saw what I saw, and despised it...  Why?  All because they were afraid of her POTENTIAL...

You see, Joseph had tremendous favor on his life, and pastors preach, "from the pit - to the palace"...  But i'm going to take it a little slower and try to bring another aspect today.  Many of us know at least ONE Joseph.  ((Or are Joseph)) - You know the one person in your family, or your friend group that kind of stands out --- you know the hand of God is on their life, and they aren't really ready for it - but yet- He won't take His hand off of them?? LOL - They walk around NOT KNOWING - they are FLASHING their coat of many colors that their Father God gave them?

There goes that dreamer again.... ***thats what his brothers said***

And thats what those darn Joseph's do.  They walk around - flashing their gifts, outshining everyone else - (by accident) - doing what others do  BETTER - (not on purpose) - and always finishing at the top - (even though they weren't competing) - We know those Joseph's...   And the truth is -- the brothers hadn't seen ANYTHING from Joseph's dream manifest - all they saw was Joseph's

POTENTIAL... ((capability of being or becoming)) - 

*push pause - if you don't know the story or need a refresher - click here*

*push play*

     Either you are Joseph, Joseph's brothers, or Joseph's Father... Who are you??

*First- I'm going to talk to Joseph...

You see Joseph, this may sound like a dumb statement, but - don't take it personally.  Yes, you are hated by many.  You feel as if no one likes you.  They will do anything to... "sell you for 30 pieces, like Judas did Jesus" {line from soteria's poem}... or Put you in a pit - slay a goat - and sprinkle goats blood all over your favor... oh wait - excuse me... your coat.  The truth is - Joseph wasn't sold for even 30 pieces of silver.. He was sold for 20.

Joseph.... DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY...  You see, you were BORN with the Favor of God on your life.  You can't help it - you didn't ask for it - you were born with it... and everyone that encounters you KNOWS it.  Your potential YELLS at them every time you walk into a room.  They are reminded of what you have that they don't....  and they want it - will do ANYTHING to have your spot.

*push pause* the thing is this - we all have something that someone else doesn't have - if you would just tap in to what it is you DO have, then you won't have blood on your hands from keep trying to kill all the Joseph's you meet because you think they can do stuff better*

your victory needs to be total mastery of SELF.  not how many people you prove you are better than - AT ANY COST... smh - lets grow up people...

*push play*

Joseph.  Every where you go, you will prosper... this is why the enemy sends PEOPLE to purposely keep you in the pit.  What is a pit?  It's a hole in the ground.  The thing is about a pit - the on-lookers can't see it.  You may be in a pit - thrown in by the "brothers" so that the on-lookers can't see you - just so they can see them [the brothers].. but don't worry - its only for a moment...

buuuut it may get worse before it gets better... :/

Slavery came next - SOLD.  to Ishmaelites... WTW? MUST I go into who the Ishmaelites were??  They were the descendants of Ishmael... Who was Ishmael???  He was Abraham's son!  
The Father of Faith! 

 The Friend of God!  

Yet... Ishmael was the spawn of doubt.  Ishmael was born when Abraham used his eyes (physical) to receive the Word from the Lord, and not his eyes (spiritual).  Because of of that one moment of doubt - there is a war in Iraq that never seems to end.  So many lives lost... THIS YEAR...  See - doubt can spread through generations too.. {{make sure your walking in faith - no ishmaels please...}}

I digress...

SOLD...  betrayed.... by those that were supposed, designed and established to LOVE him. (( To many definitions to list - just click the link)).  

Yeah Joseph, I can hear you now... "All because of a coat?  You are selling me because of a coat?  I'm sorry our dad made me a coat and didn't make you one, I DIDN'T ASK HIM TO MAKE IT! Why are you blaming me for something that I didn't do?  Why are you doing this to me!  Don't take me away from my father!  Don't take me away from my mother!  I have friends - I will never see them again - PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!!  PLEASE!!!  YOU ARE MY BROTHERS!! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT ME!! Followed by gut wrenching sobbing and blood curdling screaming...  I'm sure he fought back as hard as he could, but they over powered him...

 ** oh wait... you thought Joseph went quietly?  You don't think he tried to plead his case or fight back?... OOh the saints and their bible stories... Come on - this was real life...  GET REAL.**