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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Hatred of Love {{Part Deux}}

I like that word... Deux... it sounds so official... LOL

SORRY the blog is late guys - there have been some.... CHALLENGES... in the midst... LOL - Thats what I love about being me...

There is always an opportunity to overcome...  #goteamjesus

Then I was out of town this weekend for a worship concert and conference with Dr. Cindy Trimm and Micah Stampley.... Words cannot express THAT experience - I will blog about that another day


So... we were talking to Joseph right? *if u haven't read part one yet - click the picture below*

The Hatred of Love {{Part One}}
SOLD...  Into slavery.  Well - we all know somethings about slavery...   I wonder what his ride was like.  How much did he cry?  How overwhelming was his fear?  Now Joseph knew and loved God with all of his heart... CLEARLY... but think about the traumatic things you have experienced SINCE you've loved the Lord.  It still is hard.

*push pause*  there are many differences between a believer and an unbeliever.  One major difference is when a believer cries because of pain - they know the SON will shine when its all over - its called HOPE.  Isn't Jesus the hope of Glory??

All an unbeliever can do is HOPE they can survive through it... or... HOPE that life will one day miraculously change - even though they aren't doing anything to facilitate change... and HOPE that someone will come along and rescue them... #pipedreams... just come to Jesus - He'll work it out...

*push play*

The Ishmaelites finally arrive at the trading area.  One of Potipher's servants is coming to buy a slave- and he see's Joseph.  Only God can do something miraculous out of something that seems like it is going to just be a mess...Joseph is purchased, and brought back to Potipher's home.  He is then presented with two eternal and internal options.

Option 1:  Be bitter.  Live in the hatred that his brothers forced on him.  Be traumatized.  Be a victim.  Always reflect on what has been DONE to him and communicate and react out of that place.  Decide to give his personal power to his brothers.  Stay STUCK.  You all know it to be true.  If a car is in neutral, it doesn't mean the engine isn't running - it just means no matter how hard you hit the gas,  you will NEVER... MOVE... FORWARD...  You can sing the song all day... But until you shift your mind into gear - thats all you will do--- is sing...

Blank Stare

Option 2:  Make a decision to live with the hand he was dealt with.  Progress, prosper and succeed - NO MATTER WHAT.  Success is ALWAYS an option- no matter where you are.   Joseph made a decision to be who he was REGARDLESS of his situation.  There lies his promotion.  Not in trying to out do the other slaves - out shine the other slaves - or always be the THE ONE - all Joseph had to do was be HIMSELF.  And be the best JOSEPH that he could be.  I'm sure he was surrounded by others who didn't want to be a slave.  I mean, who does?  Who asks for those things to happen to them?  NO ONE DOES... But it doesn't mean you don't achieve where you are.

How stuck do we allow ourselves to be because of what HAPPENED to us???  And the thing is this - the people that hurt us, have moved on.  Do you think Josephs brothers chose not to live their lives?  They were malicious enough to do what they did, they were able to move on... TRUST...  Stop staying stuck and being mad at people who are progressing without you.

Forgiveness is for you - not them.

We all know what option Joseph chose.  He chose option 1.  Was it easy??? I'm sure it wasn't... But was it necessary for his sanity?  Absolutely.  If you look at the life of people who are stuck, and either we are those people - or we know those people, they have a touch of insanity - just a small touch - LOL - Because they are holding on to something that should have been dead along time ago.  Keeping something on life support that doesn't deserve to live.  They are purposely asking the circumstances to suck the life out of them.  They are giving their personal power away, they are letting their minds be dulled by what they went through - rather than sharpened by who they know.

Like I said... Just a touch.  Insane means - utterly senseless.  How senseless is it to sit around with a corpse in your house?  We have seen that on the news where people have died - and they keep them in their for days, because they just can't let go.  Sounds disgusting right?


How many corpses live in your house?

Some of you have a morgue living on the inside of you - but instead of the bodies lying in drawers - they are lying on beds - hooked up to machines - and you visit one bed after the other - hoping one day, someone will wake up.

Just let it die...

Jesus came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.  Living with something that should have died along time ago is not life more abundantly.   Ask God to help you to let it go.

WOW...  I think we should end on that note.  Alot to think about huh?

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