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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stay in your SEAT...

Ephesians 2:6  Says that we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.

Seems pretty simple.  John 10:10 says that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Okay, that we know...

Psalm 16:11 says that He has made known to us the path of life... and in His presence is the fulness of joy, and at His right hand are pleasures forever more...


I really like this chair.  It is modern, it is fancy, its sheik.  When I own my own home, I will have chairs like this in it.  In the first scripture- it says that we are seated in heavenly places.... Imagine this is your chair in heaven....  Now the picture isn't so appealing... Why?  In case you haven't caught on yet ((get in the spirit people!- LOL)) This isn't a good thing.  If this is your seat in heavenly places, why is it empty?

Thats a good question.  A question that we must ask ourselves.  Sometimes life happens, and things change our reactions, our facial expressions, our interactions our attitude- and even our personality.  One day you stop and you say.. "God, who am I?"...You may need to check your seat.

Its amazing how many people I talk to that feel like this.  Alone - in the middle of no where.  You know, I know it for a fact that there are seasons where God calls you to be alone.  Shoot- some folk I know would rather be alone- LOL, and thats okay if thats how they roll.  But it shouldn't be so abysmal.  If you feel that you can get in front of people, and its time to minister- and you can just "turn it on", but when you get home, you crawl up in a ball and zone out... You need to check your seat...

There are many things that can take you out of your seat.  Carnality, pride, unforgiveness, being judgmental, unconfessed sin... Being double minded.  Getting in the middle of DRAMA.  SMH!  Getting-in-the-middle-of-drama.  Taking on the burdens of others that you shouldn't take on, (thats called false responsibility) - Assumptions...  If the person didn't tell you, and God didn't tell you- THEN YOU DON'T KNOW...

I'll say it again...

IF THE PERSON DIDN'T TELL YOU... AND GOD DIDN'T TELL YOU... THEN YOU DON'T KNOW!  No need to assume what a person is thinking- ESPECIALLY when it makes you mad.  Then you feel some kind of way towards that person, acting some kind of way, they feel this vibe from you - and then they start acting weird because you are acting weird- and no one just asks... "are we okay?"--- LOL

I did a couple of notes on unforgiveness... but i'll tell you the truth - you have to really watch it saints... and aint's.  Because harboring unforgiveness will take you out of your SEAT...  Now, its hard for me.  Though people don't think so by looking at me on the outside- I am a very open person, I don't mind sharing my heart with people, if they need understanding, wisdom, or just a person to talk to- I'm pretty easy, because I don't judge people's stuff... I don't have that kind of authority.  I discern stuff on folk, but I try and give them the "benefit of the doubt"... and It has gotten my butt in trouble - because I didn't set proper boundaries.  Being the extremist that I am, I am now learning how to set boundaries with people. Because some folk want your heart just to walk on it - because they want your place.  Some want your heart, but don't know what to do with it when they get it, so they abuse it... Some want your heart just so others can't have it.  Some want your heart so they can use you.  BUT- some want your heart- so they can love you... and give you theirs...

So on your Christian journey- learn boundaries.  I was talking to one of my mentors the other night - she said, Tia- you don't have to open up your heart to everyone, especially those that have shown you they can't be trusted.  Eh?  I'm like - but- but- but- the bible says to love all, forgive all, and all that good mushy stuff... right?  She was like it sure does - but at the same time, when someone shows you they want to be trusted, IF they harm you, or make a mistake - then if they REALLY LOVE YOU - they will ADMIT their mistake--- and and and and do what they can to clean up that mistake- Some people won't ever admit that what they did was not okay - you can love them, treat them with the utmost respect- but they clearly can't be trusted.  Some may know they were wrong but have to much pride to fix their error- clearly, they can't be trusted.  Both situations can lead you to be harmed again if you aren't careful.  So set boundaries.  Someone with dirty feet can come in your house chill in the living room with the wooden floors and you all laugh and talk and have dinner.... but they can't walk on the good white carpet unless they take their shoes off.  But they must admit their shoes are dirty first... #imjustsayin

ANY-WHOOO!  dag- that was way off topic- but I was supposed to write a blog about boundaries in forgiveness and never did- so there you go! LOL

So yes... These things will cause you to get out of your seat when you are to be seated in heavenly places...  So come on people.  Repent for those things, and reclaim your spot!  Its some good stuff up there!  You can hear clearer when you are in your seat, you can see clearer, you can make better decisions, because they aren't made out of your ISSUES... You can love easier...  You have the fulness of joy, and pleasures ever more... I mean, of COURSE the devil wants to steal, kill, and destroy- and take us out of our SEAT!!!

Because he HATES you... You know how I know?  Well- if you are a worshipper - you took HIS SEAT!  And he REALLY hates you!  So yes- everything that is possible to keep you from that place where the worship flows, the songs flow, the BLOGS FLOW, the articles flow, the poems flow, the ideas flow, the creativity flows, the designs flow, the love flows the plays flow... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS when you are in your seat!

I know this... I was so out of place, I didn't write a blog for almost a month...  Yeah I said it.  I just had alot going on, ALOT - but the truth is- if I would have fought harder to stay in my seat- then I would have been alot more creative.

What did Curtis say from house of pain?  "The devil thought he had me... ooooooooh but i ruuuuun..."... LOL

Yeah, I'm back.  Better, stronger, wiser, and walking it out with power and authority that can't be stopped.  CAUSE I'M IN MY SEAT!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm not letting anyone or anything take me out of my seat... NOPE... not even you :)

Pray with me...

Lord, thank you for being my redeemer, my friend, my savior, and everything that I need.  In you I live, move, and have my being.  I admit that I need to get back in my seat.  Back in heavenly places where I belong.  There is so much freedom in your presence.  So much creativity and so much joy.  I want to be restored God.  Back where I belong.  Thank you God for the prodigal son being redeemed back to his father wholly and receiving what was rightfully his.  Thank you that though I haven't backslidden- I haven't been in the place where I belong- and that I can come to you, and be restored.  I love you for all that you are, and for how you continuously make a way, even when i'm out of place.  I will continue to strive for my place in you- to be who you called me to be- at all cost.   Thank you for restoration.

In Jesus Name,


Be free to be happy, even if its a season of being alone.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Beginnings


Its never to late to start again.  You are never to far off, you are never to far away from the love of God.  Sometimes worshippers have the hardest time with certain types of issues.  Depression is one that I see among some worshippers.  Lust and pride are others.  Well, you may have fallen, you may be weak or down trodden... But the bible tells us in Isaiah 61:3 that we will have beauty for our ashes.

Yes - you can begin again.  Start over, leave the past behind you.  If you haven't been spending your time with God the way that you should.  Start again.    1 John 1:9 - if you confess your sin, He is faithful and just to forgive you of your sin and cleanse you from all unrighteousness...

Start having your quiet time again.  Change your focus from whats wrong, to whats right...  Tell depression and lust and pride that it won't have you, control you - manipulate you, take authority over it.  Come out of agreement with it.  And pray for grace.  Grace Grace Grace.  Cleansing grace.

Your love walk has been challenged?  Begin today... Start today- You may have to apologize to someone, you may not.  Just begin again.  God will heal your hurts and your wounds, just begin again today to walk in love.

You need to be consistent with the things in the natural as well?  You need to be exercising more?  Begin today.  If you mess up, start over.  Don't allow condemnation to talk you out of starting over if you mess up.

Don't believe the lies of the devil of how awful a person you are.  Thats not how GOD talks to you.  John 10:27 - my sheep know my voice and a stranger they will not follow... Don't believe the devils lies- if they are condemning, its the devil... If its correction for you to get better and draw you closer- then you know its the Lord.  Keep it simple.

You been mad at God?  Tell him... Then repent... Sometimes pride causes us to get mad at God.  If we deal heavily with disappointment, we may deal heavily with pride.  Because pride tells us that the way we expect it to go, is the way that it is... any other way is OUT of line.  So when God takes another route - we are destroyed and linger in disappointment.... When God is really just trying to free you from pride.  Our thoughts are not his thoughts... remember?

Short blog today...  Make sure you listen to the song up top.  Its one of my sisters song, its a beautiful song- expresses the heart of what I'm trying to say perfectly...


GOD,  thank you for being the Great I Am.  Thank you for knowing all, being all, supplying all and enduring all for me.  Give me a clean start.  A fresh start.  Thank you that today I woke up with brand new mercies.  Open the eyes of my heart so that I can see and receive my brand new mercies.  Help me to clean up the messes that I have made- and not be to prideful to do it.  Help me to come out of agreement with the old things that are familiar.  Though it brings pleasure to my flesh and my ego, it doesn't glorify you.  As a worshipper, my sole purpose is to glorify you.  Continue to wash me, purge me and create in me a clean heart so that I may worship you in spirit and in truth.  Put me back on the potters wheel so that I may be a vessel fit for the masters use.  Make me again.  I desire to be pure, clean and whole in you.  I love you Lord for your grace, your mercy, and for loving me. Thank you for my New Beginning...

In Jesus Name...



Who is like our God?  Who can be compared to Him?  Who can dare stand before Him and say ANYTHING to challenge His greatness?  There is no one like our God.  He sits enthroned forever.  Forever His name and His truth shall reign.    

What do you need?  What do you want?  What are you seeking?  I AM.  I AM.  I am is all that we need.   Because in His awesome I AM'ness - He provides the people, the resources, the finances, the grace, the mercy, the love, the patience that we need.  Where are your answers?  They are all in I AM... In God encompasses every solution known to man. 

He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  Why a Lion Lord?  Well, who pursues a lion?  Who is a lions biggest threat?  WHO trumps a LION?  NOTHING!  The only thing that trumps a lion is a bigger and badder lion... and being that HE IS THE GREATEST of all Lions - His throne cannot be moved! HALELUJAH!  God is so smart.

One day, and from what we know it won't be long.  Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus.  He is the King of Kings.  He is the Lord of Lords.  NOTHING trumps Him.  Nothing outweighs him.  He was made the lowest - so He could be exalted to the highest... HAHAHAHA!  WHY DO WE WORRY???  What are we afraid of.  We have all of eternity written on our hearts.  All is inside of us.  When we said YES to Jesus, we inherited a kingdom that cannot be moved.

You need peace today?  You need comfort?  You need reassurance?  Then go to the prince of peace.  HE IS HEAVENS WALMART!  ONE STOP SHOPPING!!!  Go to the Prince of Peace.  He will listen to you cry.  No need for suicide.  No need for divorce.  Go to Jesus.  No need to move and run away from those that have hurt you.  Go to Jesus.  No need to result to selling drugs or stealing to provide for your family.  Cry out to Him today.  No need for alcohol and drugs to fulfill a void.  Let the Peace of the Prince overwhelm your heart- and overwhelm those things that are trying to overwhelm YOU!

THE LORD OUR BANNER!  YES!  Wherever we are, there is a banner flying over our head.  CAN'T MESS WITH ME DEVIL!  I have been marked.  Everywhere I go, the greatest kingdom of the worlds goes with me.  When I go into battle.  The banner is there - that banner is my guaranteed VICTORY.

What is going on in your life right now?  You need money?  You need a way made in the desert?  Well if I remember correctly, the children of Israel were also trapped between a rock and a hard place.  Or should I say an army and an ocean.  Call on Jehovah Jireh - He will show you how to use what He put in your hand to part that red see and make a way out of no way.  Then all those that are following you will be swallowed up in your victory, never to be seen again.

Yes, He is the God that heals... What is it?  Cancer?  AIDS?  Lupus?  Sarcoidosis?  Brain damage?  Paralysis?  What is it?  GIVE HIM YOUR CASE?  Go see the doctor that has never lost a case.  It doesn't cost you a dime to believe.  

To be used by God for us all is a miracle.  We don't deserve it.  We are jacked up, messed up, and full of drama; but he always finds away to use us, and draw us closer to HIM.  PERSONALLY I rely on miracles - and grace- and THANK GOD FOR IT!

Yeah, He's still in the miracle working business.  Don't give up.  DON'T GIVE UP.  He hears your prayer.  Keep praying, keep believing.  Keep speaking life.  I believe with you that your faith, plus His glory will create a miracle!

Let everything that hath breath PRAISE THE LORD!  That's what this blog was about.  Just taking a cyber praise break.  To honor God for His goodness, His mercy, His love, His kindness, His faithfulness, His forgetfulness for those things that I've repented of... He's AWESOME!  POINT BLANK.... PERIOD!


God I love you.  I love you with everything that is in me.  I am sorry for any day that I've chosen distractions over you.  For any day that I did not honor your name higher above that my problems or situations.  I repent for not allowing you to solve my problems and feeling that I had to solve them on my own.  In your presence is the fulness of joy and at your right hand are pleasures ever more.  Reveal to me your heart, your will, your purpose, your GREATNESS!  Open the eyes of my heart so that I may know you better.  I desire to be fit for the masters use.  To be a horror to the kingdom of darkness.  To love the unloveable.  To reach those that seem unreachable and to believe what the world thinks is unbelievable.  I love you Lord.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for taking time to work out my kinks and nuances for your kingdom.  There is none like you.  Thank you for a chance to praise and worship you.  Thank you for making me your worshipper.  And thank you for being my Listener.

In Jesus Name.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Time To Fight

Taking a break for a moment on the topic of forgiveness... One of my sisters in the Lord wrote a dynamic note on Facebook, and I felt it was worthy to be shared.

Many times life circumstances force into a position where we have a few options. We can quit, we can run, or we can fight.

God gives us an opportunity, opens the door, connects us with others and when it gets slightly difficult we want to quit. Either say we have heard something different from God, we are all of a sudden in transition, or it triggers something from our past that we say we have dealt with but we have not. We just quit. We give up on relationships, friendships, jobs, careers, ministry, and ideas. We come up with excuses and even begin to self sabotage the situations. We through up our hands and tell everything just forget it. We walk away from relationships that bless us into relationships that curse us, we walk away from friendships that are supportive into friendships that drain us, we walk away from jobs that provide and fulfill and walk into jobs that just provide. We quit.

Some of us may have never ran on a treadmill but we are master runners in the spirit. Running from our prophetic callings, our mantles to be shepherds, our gifts to preach the gospel and to teach others. We sike ourselves out of doing what we have not only been called to do but what we have been equipped to do. We say we do not have enough self esteem, we have had a rough childhood, our Dad wasnt present so we ask how can i be a real father or how do I know what to look for in a husband. We tell ourselves we are unworthy to proclaim the gospel, we are unworthy to have friends that care about us, to be in relationships when we are treated as the royality that God has and to be used by God. We see God in one direction calling us to pray to love and to forgive and we run in the opposite direction because its familiar.

Its not time to quit, its not time to run, its not time to just accept what may come our way, it is time to fight. I recently had a dream about hurt and pain coming in my family I immediately began to pray and intercede and told the devil NO I REFUSE to accept this. We can no longer allow our bodies to tell us we are going to be sick and cant get well, we can no longer accept unemployment as our source of income, we can no longer sike ourselves out of our blessings, we can no longer accept our friends leaving us because they were offended and us letting them go, we can not let the devil win.

When are we going to step up and fight? When are we going to tell our people in our lives I dont care I love you and refuse to go anywhere I am willing to fight for you. Its time to step up and be big women and big men and fight for what we believe in, fight for who and what we love and not just lets stuff go and be what it may. WE HAVE TO FIGHT!!!

One of my friends said...I just want to be in the will...My response was being in the "will" is not an easy life where everything flows freely. Being in the will is like floating along with the stream. Though we are going with the current, we still have to fight to keep our head above water, sometimes tread water or swim, we even have to dodge some rocks, avoid the fish, and still enjoy the sound of the water, the views, and the ability to be inline with creation. We still have to fight to stay in the will, to stay save, to keep our minds, to stay in right relationship with God and with others.

I just want to encourage everyone to fight, to not give up, not give in, nor to run, but to stand still with your WHOLE ARMOUR on and fight!!!

Jhaniqua Farrar

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm A Murderder- and Still Loved (Special V Day Edition)

I must confess...  I am...  You see the sin that I hadn't even committed yet contributed to a
heinous crime.  You see, Jesus was made a public spectacle.  Embarrassed more than we will ever understand.  Tortured more than anyone should have to endure.  And was completely innocent.  Thats the thing... HE was innocent... But I wasn't.  I believe that Jesus loves me so much, that if it meant my freedom, he would have done it just for me.

Yes... love begets love...  Pay it forward kind of thing... Just like the saying goes, "Hurt people, hurt people", we should replace it- change our focus to "Love Begets Love"...  Because thats waaay better to focus on and meditate on than the hurt... Yes, we should deal with it, face it, overcome it.  But there is a love available that is indescribable...

Love begets love...

The more you receive, the more you should give it away... Take the time to learn what true love is... yes - our society has conditioned many to think that love is only about being in relationships, and being happy, and everything going your way... Kind of like a fairy tale...

But love is more than that.  Love is the ability to be PATIENT with others... Not just people you like. (i feel like i just cussed).  Yes, be patient with people that you DON'T like.  Love is KIND- that means being NICE to people... (just cussed again).  Love does not ENVY... Wanting what others have, and willing to do what is necessary to get it, or make them feel some kind of way because you don't have what they have.  I've done that before.  Treat certain people bad because they had something I wanted- money, relationships, friends, size, looks, position, family... the list goes on and on... (THANK GOD FOR DELIVERANCE)... I know now that what God has for me, and if I was supposed to have it now, I WOULD!

 Love does not BOAST... love does not work hard to make others feel bad because it has something that others don't have.  Sometimes, thats why folk deal with envy, because others are throwing what they have up in their face.  NOW- let me get this straight, there is a difference in being a testimony to HELP someone, and bragging.  Bragging is to make the person feel bad for not being where you are.  Because those things define the person bragging.  Thats honestly what its about...  Some testify of what God is doing to ENCOURAGE others that God can do it for them too... BIG difference... BIG.

Love is not PROUD...  We all know what pride is - it is that thing that makes you not listen to reason because you feel that your way is better... you know more, more experienced, higher position, or are just self- righteous...  You know pride- that thing that comes before destruction.  Because it speaks in a small voice, and tells us that what we think is better than what God says... You know pride- that thing that got Satan kicked out of heaven... we say, "oh, thats a bit extreme"- but don't forget- "God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble" James 4:6... feel like you just can't get a leg up?  Check your pride level...  Feel like you just can't partner with God and it work?  Check your pride level.  Do alot of people tell you that you don't listen?  You probably don't know it cause you never listen to them... LOL

Love is not SELF-SEEKING - selfish, my way, i'm not happy if its not my way, I want what I want NOW, no matter what, who it affects, or what happens... I don't care- I want it, because I want it.  Everything has to revolve around you, or you pitch a fit...  Yeah, you know who you are...

Love is NOT EASILY ANGERED... Whew... people gotta walk on egg shells around you cause you will get mad?  Thats not love- people are afraid of your reaction when they speak their mind, or say what they need, and you get livid?  Thats not love.  Thats an ANGER problem, and it needs to be dealt with...

Love...  wait for it.... KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONG....

Yeah... it doesn't hold it... Thats not love... Goes back to the past two blogs about forgiveness...  A Heart That Forgives , and A Heart That Forgives Part 2... Click the link to read those...

Love does not DELIGHT IN EVIL... but REJOICES IN THE TRUTH....  If you get happy when bad stuff happens to others - you feel they deserve it, so on so forth - or when you gotta tell what happened to so in so, and you get a little buzz off of it... Check your love walk... Thats not love... not at all...

Love always PROTECTS, HOPES, TRUST, PERSEVERES,  - thats self explanatory... we are to protect each other, not throw each other under the bus... hope the best and hope the God in others will override all else.. and push through it... push through it... push through it...

LOVE NEVER FAILS.... really - love NEVER lets you down...  no other way to say it... not if its true love...

Love is pure, not tainted - so lets remember that God does all of these things for us.  He loved us so much that he allowed his son to be tortured and mistreated, rejected, despised, humiliated and murdered.


Thats love...

Happy Valentines Day

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Heart That Forgives Part 2

SO!  Talk to me, comment - you can comment anonymous if you'd like, what did you think of the last blog?  Did it make you reflect?  Help you be honest with yourself?  This particular blog had more readers on the first day than any other blog - so we must be on to something here...
((TAKE THE POLL TO THE RIGHT))----------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>

A Bitter Pill

Forgiveness is a bitter pill.  Just like any other medicine we don't like - we take it to mend.  The same with forgiveness.  We do it to mend.  Why are we talking about forgiveness?  Well - Jesus clearly lets us know that if we don't forgive others, that our heavenly Father can't forgive us. Matthew 6:14 says    

14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

You mean to tell me that I can be abused, mistreated, neglected, raped, robbed, family member murdered, tortured, kidnapped, bombed, lied on, swindled etc... and If I don't let that person go, release and FORGIVE them?  Then GOD the almighty, the one who saw it all, who knew it would happen, the one who LET IT HAPPEN, won't forgive me????


I guess if we look at it all through God's eyes, no sin is greater than the next.  Some sin may have a higher consequence or earthly punishment...  But God looks at a man who conceives lust in his heart towards another woman as an adulterer - JUST AS MUCH - as the man who is in an adulterous affair.  

Matthew 5:28   But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Theres a story in the bible that I love to read, but at the same time, its hard to take.  I'm going to paraphrase the story in laymans language - you can read the bible story here.  All the names of the characters are fictitious in order to protect the actual people... ((LOL)).  

*notice the first line - The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is like* (when you read the bible version)

Spongebob owed King Neptune about 10 grand.  He didn't have it to pay, so he was going to have to give up his pineapple home, his pet- Gary the Snail, his job at the Krusty Krab and all that he owned to the King so it can be sold to pay the dept.  

Spongebob pleaded... "Oh King Neptune, you are so wise and are full of wonders.  My things are but dung to you.  Please give me time to pay it back.  I promise - I am the best fry cook in town, we can have that money in no time.  Please don't take everything I have!"
 King Neptune looked at Spongebob and knew that his heart was sincere, and had pity on him.  So much so- that not only did he allow him to keep his things, but he CANCELLED HIS DEBT!!!  What a gracious King!

Spongebob left the presence of the King full of joy because he knew there was no way for him to repay that debt!! He went home, and found his friend Patrick by the mailbox.  He yells, "Hey Patrick!  Where is that $10 you owe me eh?"  Now, Patrick borrowed $10 dollars last week from Spongebob, and now the Sponge wanted it back.  Patrick looks at Spongebob like a deer in headlights... Spongebob gets ANGRY...  He starts to fussing and yelling and draws a crowd.  The police show up- because Spongebob is threatening to choke Patrick out if he doesn't pay him back his money!  Spongebob finally tells the police to throw Patrick in jail until he can repay the money!  Patrick breaks down in tears and BEGS Spongebob... 

With tears in his eyes, not wanting to loose everything  including his best friend for $10 measly dollars.  He was devastated.  The police, recognized Patricks debt, and carries him off to jail.

King Neptune caught the word on the street that Spongebob had Patrick thrown in jail for $10 measly dollars!!!  King Neptune was infuriated!  He didn't understand how Spongebob's mind could conceive such a thing, when he had just been forgiven of such a large debt.  10 GRAND!  King Neptune had Spongebob thrown in jail to be TORTURED, until he could REPAY THE DEBT!!! 

 (how can you pay something back when you are in prison and tortured??? selah)


Oh wait... then - at the end of the story- it says this scripture...

Matthew 18:35   “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”

DAG!  Yeah, I know my story probably made a couple of you giggle - especially if you know me, but it was the truth.  Thats how the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN operates.  Thats because no debt someone owes to us is ever bigger than the debt we owe to God...


No debt anyone owes to us, is BIGGER than the debt we owe to God....


No debt anyone owes to us, is BIGGER than the debt we owe to God....

God is not man... He doesn't weigh sin... Thats why Jesus stood in front of the lady who was caught in the act of the adultery, drawing in the sand, and said - "Oh hold up homies --- those of yall who are completely FLAWLESS - go ahead and throw that stone".  He didn't say, those of you that have flaws or sins LESS than hers go ahead and tag her in the forehead with a rock....  Because Heaven doesn't weigh sin... thats what MAN does...

Now again, I must repeat... Don't think you are gonna go commit a crime, and go into court saying that no sin is greater than the next - so they need to let you go free- cause that boat will not float... LOL

Matthew 18:35 lets us know that we will be tortured in a sense until we forgive others from our heart.  Thats how we will be treated---- Yo, I'm so not wanting to endure that.  I mean, honestly, I'm looking back over my life - seeing things that I've prayed to be different, fasted to be different, worked hard at - just to see it not be successful... and could--- this--- be ---- why????

I so didn't even get to the whole pride thing... I haven't forgotten - we will go there- because obviously there are some layers we must work through... don't forget to comment - like the Facebook page- leave a wall post and let me know what you think, want to know more about- or want to see covered as far as this topic is concerned.  Hey, I don't know it all - and honestly, I'm working through this MYSELF - that may be why it sounds so real...

Where did we leave off yesterday?  oh yeah...  PART 3 TOMORROW!! (part 3???- YEAH- part 3!))

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Heart That Forgives

MIA- missing in action is one word that can describe me. LOL - I do apologize for those that looked forward to this blog.  It has been a doozy of a month I tell ya.  But i must remained focused and remember the reason I started this blog.

TODAY saints, ain'ts and friends... ((LOL)) - we are going to talk about forgiveness.  No I did not just cuss.  This is something that is thrown around quite haphazardly, but many don't have the direction or the know how to do it FOR REAL.  I am going to admit some things in this blog that others may not be willing to admit- because of who they think they are in Christ.  BUT  being that I know who I am, I'm confident in who I am, I can freely share, and its all well and good- you can like it or lump it.

FREEDOM only comes with total honesty.

The truth is, when you have been offended or hurt - no one can tell you how deep your hurts are but God.  Some may wonder, "why can't you just let it go?"- and you find yourself asking God he same thing.  Over and over, you pray, you release them, you move forward, only to see them, and that "thing" inside you jump.  Yall know what I'm talking about.  Then the avoidance game begins.  You try your hardest to make sure you are not in the same place at the same time with this person, because one- you don't want to pounce on their head and beat them like you feel they deserve it, but also because you don't want to have to feel the hurt, the moment, the incident all over again.  Unforgiveness makes you relive the hurt all over again.  If you see them, if you think about them, or if you talk to someone about them, you experience the hurt all over again.  And the longer you experience it, the deeper it gets.

Oh how we long for these words.  Whether the person is alive or not, many of us long to hear these words.  Because honestly, it hurts worse when the person refuses to accept responsibility for their offense, refuses to believe that they even offended you, or blames YOU for what happened.  All you know is what you feel in your heart.  We all know that with resolution comes change... But--- what do you do when you can't find resolution through the person?  When they have entirely too much pride to admit that they were wrong.  Because alot of times, thats what it is... PRIDE.  "I'm gonna wait until they call me", or "If they loved God, they would just get over it",  or this is a good one... "I didn't mean too, so I don't see the big deal anyway, they should just forgive me".    The truth is - you may never have that moment where your offender actually admits that they were wrong.  You may NEVER see that day.  And as a CHRISTian, it is your job to recover and heal REGARDLESS.  You must.

Yeah, it would be nice for people to admit it.  Gosh, it would just relieve some of the pressure RIGHT?!?!?  It could help you move forward JUST KNOWING that they knew they were wrong.  That they offended you.  Sometimes, you desire that from the offender because a wound has been created.  Getting stabbed in the back is gonna leave a mark, to say the least... LOL - and yes, you can forgive people - but it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt.  It can get a little tricky, but thats when you have to draw closer to God, to say, okay, yes- I forgive them, I release them- but this still hurts... God remind me when I start to think negatively of this person so that I don't accept it.  Keep my heart pure so that I can love them even though I'm still hurting.  I know that while I try my best to love them as you do, that you can heal this wound.

Yeah... its real people.  God bless all those people that can be offended and shake it off and act like it never happened, and nothing is held up in their heart.  Actually, we can all do this with certain areas - but when we can't, its probably because of one of two things... A wound- that needs to be healed--- and the other is...


or tonight...

but definitely by tomorrow...