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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flesh and Lies VS Spirit and Truth {part deux}

I'm really excited and blessed to have Lomax share something so precious to his heart.  For the sake of someone else's growth.  Read today knowing that there is a message for you...  Enjoy!

Check out this video before you read... In the words of Satan... By the Arrows ((scroll all the way down to the bottom to stop the music player))



Why is the manifestation of David's middle name so important to me?  Because, as a result of my personal experience, I recognize how important it is to the Kingdom of God.  For years I've heard people applaud, and strive to be, those who are called "a man of God."  That sounded good to me until I considered biblical examples of men such as Absalom and Judas.  Absalom was a son of David, yet he attempted to kill his father.  Judas was a disciple of Jesus, yet he betrayed Him.  As I meditated, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that God wouldn't be satisfied with me being a "man of God."  He wants me to be "a man for God."  One of my favorite verses of scripture poses the question, "If God be for us, who can be against us?"

  If we are honest with ourselves, we have not gone through one situation in which God was not for us.  The experience might have been painful to the extent that we even wondered where God was.  Yet, believing in the truth of Romans 8:28, we acknowledge that God was for us - even at our most devastating moment.  Herein lies the important distinction represented by the name "Joseph."
Joseph was a man for God.  Only a man for God would have run from Potiphar's wife under those circumstances.  

Only a man for God would have forgiven and blessed his brothers when he had every natural reason not to.  Jesus made Himself of no reputation.  While He wasn't concerned about His reputation with people, He was absolutely concerned with His reputation with God.  His laser focus on pleasing God enabled him to flow fully in obedience and power.  If we desire to be fully used by God in public ministry, we must fully consecrate our private lives.  Anything less results not in "spirit and truth," but "flesh and lies." 

 You've heard the saying, "Some things are taught and others are caught."  What is being caught as you stand before God's people and sing, play or dance?  What is being caught as you lay hands on those seeking deliverance? 

 What is the "truth (reality)" of your worship? (John 4:23).  Can you, can I, be trusted to be for God in any situation?  In the face of any temptation?

Many of us, if we were challenged to quickly answer the question, "What did David kill Goliath with?" would say he killed him with a smooth stone.  Actually, David simply knocked Goliath down with the stone.  He killed Goliath with a sword - the same sword Goliath was planning to kill him with. 

 I liken Levites' gifts to smooth stones.  Our voices, chords, beats and dance moves can knock giants down in the presence of crowds.  They can inspire standing ovations, sprints, laps and even tears.  However, if we want the giants in the lives of those God entrusts us to minister to be destroyed, rather than just temporarily inconvenienced, 

        it is our private lives that will make the difference.  

My prayer is that God will use my private life, the same private life Satan intended to use to destroy me and damage the reputation of the Kingdom of God, to destroy every giant in my life and the lives of those God allows me to minister to.  God is married to the backslider.  One of the most awful aspects of spousal abuse is that men privately abuse their wives and then show public affection for them.  How awkward must that feel to the abused wife?  And, can't those with discernment sense that there is something amiss behind closed doors?  As Levites, what response should we expect from God when we abuse Him privately and then attempt to hug and kiss Him on stage?

                                        Holy Spirit, help us to be real. 

no going back...

If I depart before the rapture, it would be nice to have words such as "Here lies a man of God" on my tombstone.  However, my heart's desire is that God will receive me with the thoughts, "Here comes a man who was for Me.  Here comes a man who worshipped Me in spirit and truth."
How about you?
Broken and breaking,



  1. I'm just getting the opportunity to catch up on the blogs, this one is straight real. Thanks for posting I feel every word, this definitely ministered to me