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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I know what you are saying... Hollabrate???

My friend Shon coined that phrase... To me it means to Holla and Celebrate!!  Whoop! Whoop!  I am coming down off of a huge weekend celebration.  It was my birthday weekend - and I decided to celebrate ME!  One thing I realized from celebrating myself - is that if you do that - others will join in with you.

I had about 45 people - here in our home to help me celebrate my birthday.  I cannot explain what a joy it was for so many people to show love.  But to me, it wasn't just a birthday party, it was a kingdom party.  It helped me to see who i dwelled among, and it was life changing.

I had mimers, dancers, singers, poets, stylists and make up artists at this gathering.  I looked around one time and said... "Lord, these are mostly LEVITES!!!!" --- So I did something called "Tia's Choice"... and it was where I called someone's name, and they had to display their gift for about 15 - 20 seconds... WOW how much fun that was... Some were nervous, some took a minute to get started - but the THUNDEROUS applause and shouts and yells that followed each person was so profound that I could nothing but smile. Why?  Because it wasn't about competition... Leave that for Sunday Best and American Idol.  Lets all get in here together, and sing and dance, and play, and rhyme and see what KINGDOM WORK we can come up with!  Instead of trying to hold each other back.  Who ever created that... She can sing better than me?  Or she can dance better than me?  Who started that mess???
wait for it...

SATAN!  It is a plot of the enemy to try to hold you back from sharing what God put in you to be shared!  If the enemy can keep you feeling second best to someone else's GIFT, then he has done his job.  Can you imagine everytime you keep your mouth closed, or are ashamed to share your gift because of who else is around gives the devil glory?


Something to think about.  But on the other hand, those that are trying to branch out, and do new things - there is nothing wrong with SUPPORTING THEM... Why do folk feel like if we celebrate each other that means anything?  Well - actually it does mean something - it means you are showing the LOVE OF GOD... Supporting and pushing people to be who they are supposed to be.  Even if it means they go FURTHER than you.  Your hateration can't stop the destiny of God on someone else's life -

all you will do by "hatin'" is make them stronger.   So the next time, HOLLABRATE with someone who is doing WHAT you do.... HOLLABRATE with someone who is doing something you THINK is better than you to shut the enemy up who is lying to you... HOLLABRATE with someone who is walking in something you are on your way too... ((if you are not to scared to get there))

who care's who scored the goal as long as our team wins???

HOLLABRATE with someone is walking in their SEASON!  God is not a respecter of persons - it will happen for you!!  come on now!

Ask God how you can HOLLABRATE someone today... and from now ON!

God Bless... and Keep the King FIRST!

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