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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ways to Describe God

Isn't God awesome???  wow... Just thinking of Him just brings my mind to peace.  You know, you face things, you experience things all day long, but at the end of the day - when you begin to think on the awesomeness of our Father, it really can bring peace.

 Words from me today will be short - because I want you to read more about your Father... So in this blog, I will list ways to describe God.  Copy them, post them, print them out - use them in your prayer time, your confessions, whatever.  You know, as a worshipper - the more you talk about Him, the closer He gets.  So let the playlist play, and just begin to talk to Him from this list, tell Him how great He is.  How majestic His name is... I'm getting ahead of myself... I'm smiling now because - He really makes all - things - well...

Be Blessed, And keep the king FIRST!

Abba: He is my heavenly Daddy Almighty: He is the creator of all and King of the universe. 

Awesome: When I reflect on who He is, I am filled with reverence.

Big: My Father is bigger than any problem I face. 

Balm: He heals my hurts and soothes my emotions. 

Beautiful: God is the creator of all that is beautiful. Nature reveals the beauty of His character and great desire to please His children.

Believer: My Father believes in me. He knows what I am going to become as I grow closer and closer to Him. He sees beyond my current failures and inadequacies to what I will be. 

Benevolent: He is the “King of caring” and is growing me in the same direction. 

Blind: When I bring my sins to Him for forgiveness, He does not see them any more.

Caring: Everything that touches my life touches Him. 

Compassion: He continues to love and woe me even when I fail Him miserably.

Dedicated: My Father is dedicated to doing what ever it takes to turn my face to Him so He can bring me home to be with Him 

Deliberate: God does not take any short cuts in the process of my salvation and everyone else.

Decisive: He is slow to act so that all may have every opportunity, but He is still in charge and will act (and has acted in the past) according to His timing.

Emmanuel: Christ was (and is) God with us.

Faithful: He will never leave me nor forsake me. Everything that touches my life must first pass through His hands. All that touches my life is to help me grow or to make me glow (for Him)

Forgiving: He is anxious to forgive all my sins, so I will feel comfortable in His presence.

Gracious: He never pushes Himself on any of His children. He never defends Himself.

Helpful: God is always ready to help me with big or little concerns.

Incompatible: My Father is incompatible with sin. That is why He turned His back on His Son at Calvary (Isaiah 59:2) I AM: My Father says, “I Am” the answer to all of your needs and hopes.

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