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Friday, March 18, 2011

Desperate for More of God

You ever lost your keys?  Well - if you are going anywhere, you can't leave without your keys.  When you loose them, you search for them until you find them- you don't give up.  You look under couches, in the refrigerator, under beds- ANYWHERE where a set of keys can sit! Because you understand the importance for those keys.   Well- our love for God should be the same way.  So many times we get up and go without spending the time or acknowledging Him, and honestly- we can't go anywhere without Him.  Its funny how we can sacrifice the extra time when our keys are lost - but when it comes to the Creator, we are now in a rush...

Don't loose those days when you were so desperate for God, that no matter what, you had to be in His presence.  When you would miss outings with your friends, or skip your lunch time or just find a way to "steal away", because His presence meant so much to you.  Don't get so grown you can't crawl into your Daddy's lap :)

Here is the devotional video.  The video is about 10 minutes long, but the devotional part is only about a minute.  After you read it - take the time to sit and meditate as the song plays.  Ask the Lord to increase your passion for Him.

Be Blessed... And Keep the King First...

something new i'm trying - check out the devotional video!

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