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Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Your Time To Shine

You know,  I'm going to see how far I can get in this.  I am SO FULL right now.  I just had one of the most phenomenal God Encounter weekends, and words cannot express where I am right now.  I just start laughing thinking about it!!!  I met some of the most anointed people that you may never meet.  You may never know their name... But I CAN GUARANTEE you that Heaven knows their name.

They are people that are world changers.  Now, let me put it all out there.  We are ALL world changers.  You may change the world in having one simple conversation with one person who feels that are a insignificant.  But when God shows them their significance, they impact millions.  BOOM.  Your seed just changed the world.  Don't pat yourself on the back yet, it was God that gave the increase.

As I stated before, I met world changers.  People that travel the world, singing, preaching, prophesying, starting business, Fathering, pulling down strong holds... you name it - they do it.  And I had the PRIVILEGE to be in the number.... WOW...

I need to let you all know something.  Being a world changer should not be a catch phrase for you.  If you are called to change the world.... THEN CHANGE IT.  Start with YOUR world.  Then move on to someone's world who is defeated, broken, down trodden, or just in the need of the love of God.  Then move on to more than one- and it will spread, spread SPREAD SPREAD!! AND POW!

Before you know it, you have impacted many.  See- you can never feel your contribution is to small to the kingdom.  Everyone in the kingdom can't be a lung.  But how many parts make up the lungs?  But if one of those parts decide that they are so small and insignificant, then what happens to the body?


Why do you need a cast when you break a bone?  You have so many other bones- one measly bone shouldn't matter.  **Tell THEM that**... Your bones are so important that all those other bones have to be put into a cast until that one bone heals.

Where is your team?  Are they in a cast because you are still broken???  Is it possible that some folk can't be used in some ways without you???  **just a thought**

I have a new theme song.  Listen to the words.   The video will be at the end.. I need you to listen, and stop being hindered.  What God has given you is PRICELESS.  We use the scripture of the buried talents so often for money... But what if it were actually "talents"... GASP! LOL

You know people that have just been LOADED, multifaceted... Don't know what to do with themselves because they have so much in them.  Then you have some that don't have as much, but they are working what they have.  Then you have some- that you don't know WHAT they have, because they buried it.

Let me just say this.  DON'T LOOK AT OTHERS AND COMPARE YOURSELF.  You don't know HOW MANY talents God has given you; and honestly, we don't know how the story ended.  What if the one with the least would have multiplied the most?  Its possible- just because you start out with the least doesn't mean thats how you end up.  Let the revelation of the word speak to you.  Do you think God is gonna say, "Oh no, I only gave you three talents, you can't multiply to more than the one I gave 5"...

I'm a witness, sometimes your talents are revealed until you've reached a certain level of pressure.  Or until something is so desperately needed, and no one else around can do it - and BOOM- there you go.

Its your time to change history.  The Lord is coming looking for a return on what he deposited in you - will he find the bank to be negative?  Or will he find duplication and multiplication?  COME ON NOW!!!!

*Where the church at?*- that deserved an amen! LOL

I vow to be one that when the Lord is coming to look for a return he will smile, because the talents have been multiplied so much.

FOR EXAMPLE.  I am very dramatic.  This I know, but acting was never a strength of mine.  I've tried it several times, and it was always a "NO GO"... LOL...  Well, last year, we had a play at my church, and I was TOLD I was playing a certain part.  I tried with all of my might to get out of that play.  Again, I was told NO.  I continued to show up at rehearsals, I continued to learn my lines, and I continued to ask if someone else could do it... ((true story)) - it was still a NO.  It got better as time went on, and better, and they coached me, the affirmed me, the nurtured and guided me...

GAME DAY- we all came out BLAZING!  I was amazed at it myself - NEVER thought I'd be able to act.  So many said, that we all looked like professionals- LOL- It was God!  BUT THAT TALENTED WAS MULTIPLIED!  God can get a return on that now, won't be the last time I act... SO GRATEFUL that someone pushed me to stay.

If you bury your talent under pride, wounds, pain, unforgiveness, hatred, malice, sin, carnality - IT WON'T MULTIPLY!!

Come on and get free so you can SHINE!

Pray With me.

Lord, thank you for your loving kindness and your gentle mercy.  I thank you for grace.  God- show me the places where I am burying my talents.  Show me how I have held myself back, and show me why.  I'm ready to shine for you.  I'm ready to walk in freedom for your glory!  I'm ready to make history so that YOUR name would be famous all across this land.  Thank you for equipping me with gifts that will marvel kings.  Thank you for downloading in me things that will cause Pharoah to say, "LET MY PEOPLE GO".  I trust you - and I will multiply what you have deposited.  All for you glory.  

In Jesus Name.



Be Blessed, and Keep the King FIRST!

So - I'm gonna warn you, the song sounds a little heavy metalish... LOL - So if its not your style still listen to the words.  We sang it this weekend, and its got the power of God all over it -

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