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Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Offended Me

This will be quick... Well - maybe...

I just had a looooong conversation with someone I love, and someone who loves me.  Who keeps me straight- builds me up- tells me when I'm wrong- and helps me see the truth...  She said something very important.
It is very important to see people through the eyes of God.  Hurt people hurt people... This is something that we say, but it is very true.  When you look at others through God's eyes, it will wash all of the offense away..
I'm paraphrasing, but you get the point.   I talked earlier this week about being seated in heavenly places.  I am going to take the charge to pray for those that I feel are trying to hurt me in some way, so that I don't receive the offense.
My old college pastor used to tell us all the time.  If you ask God to show you the heart of those that offended you, it will wash it away when you see the depth of their truth.  The truth is, when people lash out at you or try to bring you down, or get themselves promoted overtop of you - its their own insecurities and hurts that are the problem.
Don't be the victim and wonder why me... Because if it wasn't you, it would be someone else.  Take the time to sincerely pray for them.  Forgive them.  Release them.  Not saying its easy... Once you do, and the thoughts about them start to come up- say it again, I have forgiven them and release them- I don't receive these ungodly thoughts about this person.
This has been a real test for me in the past couple of weeks unlike I have experienced in a loooong time... LOL - it's actually kind of funny now that I look back.  I am not going to pretend like some of these things didn't bother me- because they did.  But what I WILL do is pray for those people, and ask God to show me their heart- so one, I can see their treasure.  Two, so that I can pray God heals them so they can stop hurting others...
In a blog on Monday, I talked about playing hurt or playing injured.  Some refuse to believe that their arm is dislocated, their rib is cracked- and they have been shot in their baby toe.  They just keep on trucking.  I'm a conqueror!  I'm an overcomer!  Yeah!  You are!  Now SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE AND HEAL!  Because as they keep on trucking, they are leaving others unprotected, and injuring others along the way.  They don't want to limp alone- misery loves company.
Offense is a big deal in some churches.  People say all the time, "just get over it"... but if it were that easy, to "just get over it" - then it still wouldn't be running ramped.  "Just get over it", means "ignore it", but being honest with yourself is the best medicine you can take.
try saying this...
"Yes, this happen... Yes this offended me... Now Father, lets see what the real problem is... Help me to see their heart so that I won't carry this around.  I know the enemy is using this to cause me to feel rejected, but I don't receive that when I am the beloved of God"
I try hard to do right by others- but sometimes I slip- we all do.  Take the time to pray for someone who may be carrying offense because of you.  SOMETIMES... SOMETIMES things happen and its a misunderstanding.  Don't allow the misunderstandings of life put you in a box where you die...  Get it right - let it go- let it be- move forward...
Thats what I'm going to do anyway :)
Pray with me...
God, help me to release those that have offended me.  Help me to pray and see the truth of their heart through YOUR eyes so that I can honor them the way that you do.  I commit to being consistent with not believing the devil's lies about them.  Even if their actions say it's true- I only choose to believe what YOU believe about them.  I remain seated in heavenly places, and out of agreement with the lies of the enemy.  I will operate in reconciliation how I can.  No one owe's me ANYTHING.  No apology, no explanation, nothing.  I release all offense in Jesus name. I will NOT be held back by those that have rejected me.  Today I live in freedom, forgiveness, and offense free.
In Jesus Name...

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  1. It is interesting how, when God gets this down in our spirit, He brings more and more wounded people into our lives. I am grateful He doesn't bring them all at once! LOL
    Thank you for this inspiration to look beyond the offense. Unforgiveness cripples the heart.
    Many years ago, I heard that you can't stay angry with someone that you are praying for. That was the beginning for me of loving some unlovable acting people. And, at least three of them have since come to know Jesus as their Savior. That is why He gives us the grace and the love we need. After all, it is all about His heart for His people isn't it.