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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Does Your Power Lie?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am known for my funny sayings... "Colloquialisms" if you must.  One thing I always say to someone who says something silly is, "Don't let the devil ride"... LOL
It comes from an old song, don't let the devil ride, because he's gonna wanna drive.  This statement, though I use it for humor cannot be more true.  To many times we play with the enemy, thinking that we can "get away" with stuff.  It's amazing how carnal we can be.  This is not a post to bash, I'm just proving a point-- ME INCLUDED... We think that God does not see- just because others don't see.  But God is gracious... and he ALWAYS sees EVERYTHING... O_o...
There is a story in the bible that is very familiar to us all.  The story of Samson and Delilah.  Samson was cocky, arrogant and prideful.  He was also anointed, called, chosen and a vessel for God to use.    You can read the story of SamsonHERE.  It is chapter 13- 16.  I will be using pieces of the story, but it is too much to try to quote.
Now don't get it twisted, I'm not hating on Samson at all.  He was chosen from birth.  His mother was told, have no wine or strong drink, and don't let a razor touch his head.  He was so special, that an ANGEL came and delivered the message of his birth...  Hmmm... we've heard THAT before... Isaac and Jesus are two that come to mind.  Two that changed the world.  Samson was given a supernatural strength for a specific task.  Samson  was called BEFORE birth to deliver Israel from the Phillistines.  BOTTOM LINE.
Samson had so much clout with God, that after he had taken a jawbone of a donkey and slew a thousand men, he cried to heaven and said, "So you've given me this great victory, JUST to die of thirst and fall into the hand of the uncircumcised?"- and God fills a hollow place with water...
You say WHAT now?
So it wasn't enough that God gives him supernatural strength.. Not enough that he took the JAWBONE of a donkey- and killed  A THOUSAND MEN...  But had the NERVE to be thirsty after- told God off, and God fills a hole with water???
I love it.
This passage shows the extent of the power of God operating through Samson.  He reached a level in his anointing that many Christians don't see today.  Is Samson special?  ABSOLUTELY!  Can God do that again?
Something to think about...
I like Samson.  He realized something about himself that many of us long to understand.  He knew his specific purpose in life.  He knew it was BIG!  He also knew that there was no one else like him...  That was a good thing - but it also turned into his downfall.
When he married this girl, that was a Philistine, he knew that came with a risk.  He was marrying into the enemy's camp.  He gave them a riddle, and promised them a hefty prize for the answer.  Of course, they would have NEVER guess it - because it came out of Samson's personal experience.  His wife's family were bullies of course- and they told her that they would kill her if she didn't tell them the answer to the riddle.  So she cries ALL WEEK of the wedding feast, begged and begged Samson for the answer, laying all kinds of guilt trips on him so on and so forth... He finally tells her the answer, she betrays him, tells her family - and Samson has to deliver the prize.

I felt like i was watching a Soap Opera!
Her family comes to deliver the answer to the riddle, Samson says to them, If you hadn't plowed with my heifer, you would have not known the answer to my riddle...
THEN he goes to another town, strikes down 30 MEN and takes all of their stuff, and gives the garments of the slain men, to the family that solved the riddle...
SMH... lol
Well - Samson was like, bump this- and gave her to one of his boys... Because he wasn't trying to have someone living in his house that will just turn on him that easily.
WELL!  PART 2 is almost done... but I know for me- I wouldn't read all of this in one sitting.  PLUS!  you need something to look forward to right??? LOL- Make sure you click the share button at the bottom,  the lesson of all of this and how it relates to you will be tomorrow... trust me--- its GOOD!
GOD BLESS... and Keep the King First...
It's not a doll, its an action figure! LOL

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