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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Does Your Power Lie Part 2

Did you all like my Samson action figure???  I thought he was cute...  Here it is again...
He is looking all strong and stuff... LOL- okay- FOCUS!
If you haven't read part one of this post, you can click HERE and read it.
Lets roll...
So Samson decided that he wanted to go "see" his wife--- that was given away to his homeboy, and her father wouldn't let Samson up to the room.  He gets angry, goes and catches 300 foxes, ties them together in pairs, puts TORCHES on every tail, and lets them loose in the grain of the Philistines...
Where dey do dat at?
You have the ability, wit, strategy to catch 300 foxes?  Catch them and put torches on their tails?  Really Samson?  All because your father in law wouldn't let you see your wife that you gave away?
WOW- sounds a bit bully-ish to me... Samson went hard- and that was a bit ghetto...  But God still loved him.
So--- because he had their grain fields burned to the ground, the Philistines went to the house of Samson's wife and burned her and her father... DAG.
See people--- Violence- begets Violence...
It really never solves anything.
Samson clearly was always starting trouble with the Philistines - they were always trying to find ways to kill him.  What better way than to get him at his weakness- even though he seemed to not have any... He had one... WOMEN!
Samson fell in love with Delilah.  The leaders of the Philistines went to Delilah and told her to find his weakness.  Clearly sistah girl wasn't in love with Samson, because she agreed!  A million reasons why she did that...  Either way, no loyalty to Samson.  She began to ask Samson where does his strength come from.  He knows the routine, he tells her something that's not true- and she tries it on him, and yells, "The Philistines are upon you!"- they come out to attack, he breaks free and they get their butts whooped.
YET... Samson goes RIGHT back to Delilah... and repeats it again.  Samson had gotten to the place where he felt as if he were invincible.  He could do whatever he wanted to without consequence- and that's NOT okay.
Remember that if you are called of God, that accountability is going to be your best friend.  Everyone needs people in their lives that will tell them that they are not as great as they think they are.  Everyone needs someone who says, you know, you need to go check again to see if God really said that.  EVERYONE needs someone to pat them on the back and say, "Yeah- that was cute, but you missed the mark- try again".  EVERYONE NEEDS THAT!  It is sad when people began to cut others off that tell them the truth because they don't want to change.  It happens time and time again.  Be very careful that you don't allow yourself to be puffed up by the accolades of man, and you discredit anyone that tells you the that yes, "your poots do stink, and don't smell like roses and cherries"... LOL
When you refuse to be accountable, it can be the beginning of a slippery slope.
**Back to the story**
Samson knew all the time where his power was, but he didn't trust Delilah.  She finally begged and pleaded ((hadn't he been here before?))- and he told her the truth.  His strength was in his hair.  We know the rest of the story- she cut off those 7 long luscious locks hair, and yelled, "The Philistines are upon you!"- but this time, when he got up to attack, he was powerless....
SO MY QUESTION TO YOU IS ((finally))  ...
Where Does Your Power Lie?
Is it in your prayer time?
Is it your worship time?
Is it your time in the word?
Is it when you preach?
Is it when you witness?
Is it in your times of silence with God?
Is it when you dance, write, sing, play, paint, encourage, honor, motivate, care for others??
Now, we know that the anointing destroys the yoke (Isaiah 10:27)- but what destroys YOUR yoke?  I know you can get up in front of the crowd and "shout the people"- or, "lead them to the throne of grace" or bring dynamic revelation to the word, or WHATEVER it is you do... But what is it that you do that brings you PERSONAL victory?
THAT my friend is where your power lies...  Of course, the source is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Great I am, Jesus, Yeshua.... NO QUESTION-- but He made you a specific way, for a specific task and to complete it with a specific set of skills and desires...
See, I can see some of you thinking... As anointed, graced and called as you are- some of you really don't know.  You don't know what the thing is that does it for you.  You know what you do that sets others free- but you have no idea how to get your own deliverance.
Samson was smart- he KNEW his power was his strength.  Not his love life, not his negotiating skills- but his brute STRENGTH.  And he used it against the enemy, every chance he could.  So much so- that they set him up and came after him.
You do realize that you are a target?  A threat?
Is your picture on the most wanted list in the kingdom of darkness???  ((mine is-- LOL))
Don't let the enemy know where your power is... Don't play with it.  If you know what it is- stop compromising and playing games- because the moment he has the chance, he's gonna cut your hair off...
If you DON'T know where it is, you get your hair trimmed every day and don't even know it... LOL- stop going to the hair cuttery because you don't have a GPS!  Will you please get it together?!?!!?!
They gouged out Samson's eyes... Why?  Steal his vision, he won't know where he is going...
Does your vision seem a little blurry?  All over the place?  Don't know where you are, what your doing, where your going, or how you are getting there?  Are you just in Limbo?  Yet- you are operating in ministry for others??

You could have a buzz cut in the Spirit for all you know... LOL-- Where does your power lie?  I pray the story was helpful, but the question is real...  Find what God has given you to defeat the enemy of your people.  Find your victory.  FIND YOUR VICTORY.  Because the enemy is after it - BAD.. Don't lay down with dogs- you may get fleas, but you also may get bit! LOL
This could be YOU!
I'm being funny, but it's no laughing matter if you are getting your hair cut, laying down with dogs- thinking that you are gonna get up squeaky clean.  We thank GOD for grace... Samson had grace too...
Samson was taken captive and forced to perform in front of the Philistines.  See- don't allow the enemy to make a public spectacle of you - he wants to soooo bad... Don't give him that honor.  Samson's hair had started to grow back.  He asked someone to lead him to the pillars so he could rest.  Prayed and asked God for one last act of strength - so that he could finally destroy the Philistines.  The place where Samson was performing had all of the leaders and important people.. aaaaaalll in one place.
God had grace on Samson.  He pushed the pillars, the whole thing came down, killed all of the Philistines as well as Samson.
See... God had grace...  But do we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid (Romans 6:1).  I truly believe the will of God was done, the purpose of his birth was fulfilled- but... it could have happened another way...
Pray with me.
God, I need to be sure where my victory is.  I cannot look to others for a word or encouragement all the time, I need to know where my strength is.  Show me again Lord, and don't allow me to be deceived because of sin and carnality.  Help me to walk upright before you- desiring what you desire.  Help me to unleash never-ending pain on the kingdom of darkness.  I want the strength I have to be supernatural, and honorable.  I want to not just complete my earthly task, but do it with grace, honor, humility and a right path.  I want to enjoy life while defeating the kingdom of darkness.  Grow my spiritual hair again Lord.  I will use it for your glory.  I won't play with the enemies devices, because I know he wants me dead- and you have come to give life.  Thanks for another start,
In Jesus Name...
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